The Second Week Is Here

Is anyone else as freaked out as I am that today marks the beginning of the second week of 2023? In what seems to me to be the blink of an eye, a week just disappeared.

Yes, as one grows older time seems to speed by faster and faster. In Where Does The Time Go?, a post from September, I even offered an explanation of sorts for that phenomenon. Still, an “explanation” doesn’t really make the situation more comfortable.

Coupled with doubts about my health stemming from my bout with pancreatitis, and still being weeks away from imaging, my mind is not in a good place. The fact that the “Goose Bumps” house is slipping away every day is actually only a small factor in my generally poor mood.


I have to admit I was rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars to defeat the Tennessee Titans last night so that the Jags would win the AFC South. Why? While the Titans are not at the bottom of my NFL hierarchy, occupied by the Cowyucks and the Squealers, they are much closer to the bottom than to the top. By the way, speaking of Dallas and Pittsburgh, they have now combined for 39 seasons (not counting this year since it’s not over) since last winning the Super Bowl, 26 for Dallas and 13 for Pittsburgh. Doesn’t sound like NFL royalty to me.

Anyway…the Titans defeating the Ravens in the playoffs in 2019 when the latter had compiled a 14-2 record and the #1 seed in the AFC is part of the reason for my dislike. (The Ravens “avenged” that loss by defeating the Titans in the playoffs in 2020. Tennessee received additional comeuppance last year when they lost in the playoffs as the #1 AFC seed before reaching the Super Bowl.) I also think they are a boring team…give Derrick Henry a lot of carries and run some play-action passes.

Give the Jaguars ownership some credit for quickly moving on from the disaster that was Urban Meyer. Meyer, whose teams won three national championships in college, was hired before last season as Jacksonville’s head coach, but after a series of gaffes was fired before even completing the season. Doug Pederson, who was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles when they won the Super Bowl following the 2017 season, has done a great job leading the Jaguars.

Yes, part of me would like to see the Buffalo Bills win their first Super Bowl. Damar Hamlin seems to continue to improve. As long as the Cowyucks, the Squealers or Bom Trady are not playing in the Super Bowl, then I will watch. Tomorrow night’s college football championship game? I will definitely be watching that and will probably write about it tomorrow.


This CNBC article is about a Finnish psychology “expert” outlining three behaviors that are rare among Finns and that contribute to that country’s population being the happiest in the world the last five years according to the annual World Happiness Report. The first behavior really resonates with me. “We don’t compare ourselves to our neighbors.

In this country, the politics of envy runs rampant. In this post, I wrote about Charlie Munger’s belief that people are motivated by envy, not directly by greed. Of course, Munger lives in the US, not in Finland.

Envy doesn’t just make people unhappy. It can also lead to dangerous government policy when that envy is expressed politically.







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2 thoughts on “The Second Week Is Here

  1. “Yes, as one grows older time seems to speed by faster and faster.”

    I think some of that is the realization that we only have so many productive days left, and less energy and stamina to use. And perhaps a bit of laziness “I’ll do that tomorrow. Wait. What? A week went by? Son of a sailor.” I know that I certainly can’t do the things I did 20 years ago (hell, even 5 years ago) so I have to make my list a bit smaller. Hence my decision to part with all but 1 of my project cars, knowing that they would never get touched in the days I have left. The spirit was/is willing. The body? Not so much. 😦

    As a parting observation: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. 🙂


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