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The post title reads “Mainly” Monday, not “Manly” Monday. When my wonderful wife and I first went house hunting in the mid-Atlantic (in 2008) one of the homes in which we had interest was in a development called Manley. I would always give that word a funny pronunciation which would never fail to elicit laughs from my wonderful wife and our realtor.

My brain needs big projects to keep “it” happy. Conducting online searches for a house or a car fills that need. Finding a house with enough space so I can search for cars and know I have an actual place to park them, well it doesn’t get any better than that.

The “Goose Bumps” house adds another benefit, a view of Four Peaks from the observation deck on the roof. Oh, the spiral staircase to that deck has 18 steps. I know I have written about my “worship” of that number in previous posts, like here. The number of steps is just another reason why I really want to buy that house. A view like this is more significant, however:



I took that picture this past weekend and, indeed, it shows snow on Four Peaks. The thought of being able to see something like that from our house is, well, difficult to put into words. Oh, count how many stars I use as the divider between sections of a post.


While we were “kicked” out of our house yesterday because of an Open House, we stopped at the Penske complex that houses dealerships for most luxury automobile makes. Here are some photos:



I can’t rule out buying a C6 Corvette convertible, like this 2007 model, sometime in the future. I would prefer a 2008 model or later, the engine output was increased in that year, but even this one is quite appealing with just 23,000 miles and an asking price of $35,000. The car below is one I would love to own, but never will without winning the lottery.



These are two photos of a Ferrari Roma. I just love the styling. I’m sure the car is fun to drive as well.



This is a 2020 Ferrari Portofino, which was the successor to the best-selling Ferrari model in history, the California. Both the Portofino and Roma are “entry-level” Ferraris, but even this used one with 5,000 miles has an asking price of $260,000. Want to see more Ferraris? OK…



Inventory still seems light here, especially new car inventory. If the world could just enjoy a period of 10-15 years of relative peace and stability…doesn’t seem possible, does it?







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2 thoughts on “Mainly Monday

  1. “My brain needs big projects to keep “it” happy”

    You are not the only one with that problem, I would guess at least 50% of the population has that issue. Keeping the mind, as well as the body, active can be a challenge for many. I know if I didn’t have my shops, and the projects in them, I would end up a gibbering idiot.

    An example; I have the engine and trans installed in my Barracuda, but now I have to make it run. Easier said than done. I am having a custom wiring harness made and will then have to have an ECM custom flashed. Reason is, there are MANY inputs the factory ECM needs that won’t be a part of my build. So I/we have to go thru EVERY line in the ECM to determine how to best “trick” the powertrain into running properly. Not being a computer guru, I’ll be working with a friend’s son who is. He has worked on modules for several folks I know and they are very pleased with his work. It’s a “side hustle” for him and he makes some pretty good money doing it.

    Maybe that’s something that helps keep him sane.


    1. You understand the dilemma well, DDM. For me, computer sports simulation games can take up some, but not all, of the slack. IF we are successful in acquiring the “Goose Bumps” house, then maybe I can begin searching for at least one car.


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