It’s A Listless Day

We had a showing yesterday, just the third in the 3+ weeks our house has been on the market. We knew from the brief time the couple was in the house–15 minutes, the cameras don’t lie–that they were not interested, which was later confirmed in the “official” feedback.

I must admit that I am very pessimistic about receiving an offer that we can ultimately accept before the deadline. The real estate market is very quiet here and this is a bad time of the year to try to sell a house.


The pessimism about the house is permeating my life. Yesterday, I watched very little of the three NFL games that were shown, just the second half of the Bills-Dolphins game (yes, I missed the Vikings record-setting comeback; IDGAF!), and almost none of any of the college football bowl games. I’m not a big fan of bowl games that are not part of the playoff–let’s face it, those games are for bettors, alumni and so sports networks can have more programming watched primarily by bettors and alumni–but with my renewed interest in college football one would think I would have watched some part of the games.

I also think the rapidly approaching end of the year plays a role in my listlessness, my ennui. It’s a reminder of another year gone, never to return, and all of the things that I had hoped to accomplish or experience that didn’t come to pass. The clock is ticking.


The apathy infecting me has also stopped me from attending any of the numerous car gatherings in the area. While it is a little cold during the early morning shows, I could still attend, but just haven’t done so.

Yesterday, a regularly held event was supposed to feature “vintage European cars.” I don’t really know what that means, but one of these might have been there.


RM Sotheby's - 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8-Litre Roadster ...


From RM Sotheby’s a picture of a 1961 Jaguar E-Type. In my heretical way I like the look of the F-Type convertible more, but the E-Type is certainly a great design and I understand its immense appeal. I wish I could just kick myself in the ass and shake loose of this melancholy, but it’s not as simple as that.


Speaking of British makes, my wonderful wife sent me this link to a story about McLaren being in such need of funds that it sold some of its prized heritage car collection to Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat Holding to raise capital to upgrade its Artura supercar. Of course, the Artura is a hybrid, but at least it’s not a pure EV.

From time to time stories appear about another legendary British car company, Aston Martin, being in dire financial straits. Jaguar is under the umbrella of the Indian company Tata Motors, but Aston Martin and McLaren are “independents.” We all know what happened to the American independent car makers. Tesla, you say? I believe it was Goldman Sachs that recently published a report in which it predicted that Tesla’s share of the US EV market would fall from its current 80 percent to 20 percent in the next five years. That diminution in share would come at the hands of the established automobile companies.


Speaking of my wonderful wife, she shared with me this photo of what I can only call a cloud rainbow that we saw as we were driving back home after our showing ended.



Someone more versed in meteorology can tell me what this is, but the sun is not directly behind those clouds; it was south of there or farther to the left and out of frame. By the way, if you want to see awesome pictures please visit Journeys with Johnbo. JS, the blog author, is an accomplished photographer (among other things) and publishes some amazing photos.






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6 thoughts on “It’s A Listless Day

  1. There are more reasons than increased market share that are impacting Tesla sales right now. But I stay out of politics. >grin<

    We don't get the NFL channel at home, so we went out for lunch so we could watch the Vikings game at a local pub. We left at half-time when the score was 33-0. Boy, was that a mistake!


    1. Thanks, JS. Hey, no team had ever won an NFL game after trailing by 33 points. How could you have known?

      If it’s not too much to ask, I wouldn’t mind a mention of my blog and link to it in your blog and, of course, I will return the favor. Blog views have all but disappeared.


  2. I remember reading a while back that this time of year is more depressing for folks than any other time of year. Whether it’s the weather, lack of family nearby for the holidays, or just looking back at another year gone, more folks than usual end up with problems of depression. Myself? I don’t much care for the colder weather, but that’s about it. I haven’t really “celebrated” Christmas or New Years in many years. I have 2 Christmas ornaments, one wooden made by my paternal grandfather, one brass bought by my maternal grandmother, that I put on a large house plant each year. That’s the extent of my holiday decorating. This past Friday eve, we had our Christmas party for our employees. We reserve a banquet room at an upscale restaurant, supply a good meal, hand out bonus checks and a gift (40″ smart TV this year) in appreciation of their efforts over the year. This year I will spend Christmas day helping hand out toys, in a toy giveaway our organization helps out with. I missed last year due to being at my dad’s side when he passed away on Christmas eve. Other than that, I’ll probably end up in my shop, doing something that helps keep me sane (well, as sane as I’ll ever get), tinkering on something. Maybe talk myself into going out for the “traditional” Christmas pizza. 🙂


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