The Four Percent Solution

What is the significance of today’s post title? After today only about 4% of 2022 will remain.


A link from Why Evolution Is True:


Anti-semitism at a Canadian medical school

One passage in the post reads, “Further, there is the false assumption that all Jews favor killing or oppressing Palestinians.” I would argue that the opposite is true; well, maybe not all, but most, so-called “Palestinians” favor killing or oppressing Jews. That shows up in every poll. The “Palestinians” are the most anti-Semitic, anti-Israel group on earth.

If they would simply recognize Israel’s right to exist as an independent, Jewish state they would have their own real country in a year or less. However, led by the evil government of Iran and their proxies such as Hamas, they continue their belligerence, even in light of improving ties between Israel and many Muslim countries in the Middle East.

Once again, a dirty little secret is that Arabs living fully integrated into Israeli society live better than Arabs anywhere else in the Middle East except for the oil sheiks and ruling elites. Arab Israeli women don’t have to worry about being harassed, or worse, because they are not covering their face in public.


Live and learn; until reading this recent piece from Mac’s Motor City Garage about a huge scandal at Chrysler I was completely unaware of it. I don’t think I can adequately summarize the situation, but here goes.

After long-time Chrysler President Tex Colbert stepped down in 1960 and picked his friend and neighbor, William Newberg, as his successor, “hell broke loose.” Here are two paragraphs from the piece that outline the situation, but the denouement was years away.


“The fact was a number of customers, dealers, and shareholders weren’t at all happy with conditions at Chrysler. They were increasingly disturbed by the poor build quality and runaway rust on recent products, the curiously high operating costs, the erratic sales results, the declining profits. The most strident of them was Sol A. Dann, a prominent Detroit lawyer, civil rights activist, and shareholder advocate whose previous targets included Studebaker-Packard and American Motors. A tireless combatant, Dann was the attorney who managed to win a reversal of the death penalty for Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald.

At the annual shareholders’ meeting in 1960, Dann once again stood up and battered Colbert and Chrysler management with a litany of accusations, this time for more than an hour. As the owner of 51,000 Chrysler shares, reportedly twice as many as Colbert, he would not be silenced. Dann declared that the company was, quote, a hive of ‘nepotism, favoritism, payola, reckless disregard for the rights of shareholders, bribery, misconduct, perpetuation of themselves in office, creating a Pearl Harbor that would lead Chrysler to the same fate as Packard.'”


I heartily recommend that the auto enthusiasts reading this blog should read the article. The last two sentences are a better summary than I could manage.


“But in the 1960-62 disaster, the company fell too far behind General Motors and Ford to play the game at quite the same level. While Chrysler continued to build interesting cars, for the next several decades it remained the runt of the Detroit three.”


From the piece a picture of a 1962 Plymouth Fury Sedan, no doubt from a print ad.








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7 thoughts on “The Four Percent Solution

  1. Chrysler, while noted as a company focused on engineering, had an awful reputation for quality over the years. It wasn’t until the mid to late 80’s before they overcame that to some extent. In MOPAR circles it was a standing joke that the cars came with rust preinstalled at the factory. While partly a joke, it was closer to the truth. It’s also said that on a quiet night you could hear the cars rusting.

    But I have HEMI orange blood, so like the other MOPAR faithful, we overlook the sins. Like the ugly that infested the 1960-1963 models. Most of the offerings of that time made an Edsel look good.

    Also, in case it ended up in your spam file, did you happen to hear about this?


  2. I had not heard about Ms. Lee’s Hellcat being boosted, so I followed DDM’s link to the story. I then nosed around the site and found this gem, which I think might interest you.

    Taking a Saturn Sky and swapping in the Toyota 2JZ inline six engine. Different than the LS-3 V-8 swap many are doing in this body style. DSFDF. Me, I’m looking for a 1.5L high horsepower engine idea to swap into a H/STR LSR street roadster class for Bonneville. One of my automotive dreams.


    1. Too bad you can’t buy a Peugeot RCZ R in this country. You could use its 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that, stock, produces 270 HP/243 LB-FT of torque. Who knows what a little tweaking would do?


      1. RCZ R would be interesting but I would have to sleeve it down to 1499cc to make it fit the rules of the H engine class which is 1.01 to 1.5L. You never want to give away displacement. The current record holder is a team from Salt Lake City which uses a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine in the blown or supercharged street roadster class.


  3. Interesting story about Chrysler. For a short time as a teenager, I owned a Chrysler product, a late 1950’s Dodge station wagon… I owned it until I wrecked it in only a few months, so I never had a chance to see it rust in front of my eyes. >grin<


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