Sullen Sunday

Originally, I had intended to write a post titled “The Rose Bowl Blinked, Good For The Rose Bowl” about that “institution” finally accepting reality and backing off its ridiculous demands for guaranteeing its usual time and date in any future contract for an expanded college football playoff. That’s old news by now and recent events here have made that less significant.

On Friday night (Saturday morning, really, as it was 3 AM) I had to be taken to the ER. Long story short, I have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. With a family history of pancreatic cancer, any condition involving my pancreas is scary as hell. (By the way, kudos to the hospital for the relatively swift manner in which it took care of my case. In addition, the ER doctor and all of the nurses could not have been more pleasant. Yes, the doctor said to me, “You’re one of us, aren’t you?” Let me pat myself on the back, I need it right now.)

Since neither of the two most common causes apply to me (gall stones, alcohol consumption), I am forced into a bland diet of egg whites, clear broth, milk without its usual fat content, etc. The really frustrating part is that most of the foods on the verboten list are items I don’t consume, anyway. However, having to avoid pizza and the occasional donut is very depressing.

I feel much worse than the results of blood work and CT scans would suggest. Many of my symptoms don’t really fit pancreatitis, either, especially in terms of the physical location of those symptoms. My primary care physician and I have to have a long discussion about possible causes, which might include the huge daily dose of Metformin ER I take to manage my blood sugar. I have a hard time thinking it’s a case of idiopathic pancreatitis, meaning of no discernible cause. On an episode of House, MD, the lead character–Dr. Gregory House–once remarked, “Idiopathic, from the Latin meaning we’re idiots because we can’t figure out what’s causing it.”

Wish me luck because I am going to need it; the good kind, I’ve had enough of the other type.


Speaking of medical shows, my pronouncement in Well, It Worked is no longer relevant. After being able to watch the first eight episodes of season three of Transplant by using my VPN to log in to a Canadian server, CTV is now requiring logging in to its website with relevant credentials to watch any additional episodes. Since I live in the US, I don’t–and can’t–have such credentials. (It appears that people in Canada also have to log in, which makes sense since the CTV website “thinks” I am in Canada.)

I can only hope that some time after season three ends that CTV will relax its log in requirements. If Transplant returns for season four, will the same thing happen and I can only watch the first x episodes? I will never watch another prime-time show on NBC. They will not air this highly awarded show anymore, but continue to air shit like American Ninja Warrior. Also, shame on the parochialism of American TV viewers who don’t want to watch a show not set in the US.


Wish I had some fresh automotive content. I did not watch too much of the Mecum auction from Kansas City. I guess I can still watch it via the MotorTrend app and my subscription, but that failed last week as well. It was only after many emails to/from their support group that the app worked again.

A car like this was offered and sold at the auction that took place December 1-3.


2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP Roadster in Sly Gray photo #4 - 120362 | Jax Sports Cars - Cars for ...


Obviously from Jax Sports Cars, this is a picture of a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP in Sly, which is Gray for the rest of us. Once again, Mecum does not allow online photos of current and recent lots to be captured.

Because the car is more than ten years old, it was sold as mileage exempt. The odometer read 36,667 miles, but–of course–could have meant 136,667. It sold all in for $12,650.

I don’t think I would buy any car with 100,000+ miles, at least not knowingly. Well, maybe I might buy an old Studebaker or Packard that had such mileage, but such a car would have to have been freshened or acquired at a price that would enable me to restomod it. What do you know? I had some “fresh” automotive content, after all.







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5 thoughts on “Sullen Sunday

  1. Sucks you had to hit the ER. Hope it gets resolved soon.

    “huge daily dose of Metformin ER I take to manage my blood sugar”

    I dropped the Metformin I was taking, 1000 mg daily, earlier this year. I was noticing some issues and after some internet research and talking to my doctor I cut back to 500 for a month then stopped ALL use of it. I soon stopped with the glipzyide due to other stomach issues. At present I take no chemicals for my sugar, therefore I watch my diet closely. Yes, it means no pizza or many other foods I like, but so far I have survived. About once a week I’ll “treat” myself, Friday was burger and fries day at a local place that does fries the right way (think 5 guys fries). So far my twice daily readings are usually in the 120-140 range (not great but acceptable) now that I’m active again, and my last A1C reading was 7.1. I can live with those numbers, I hope, because I don’t want to go back on the chemicals. My weakness has been carbs, potatoes, biscuits, corn and the like, more so than proceeded sugar. These days when my sweet tooth acts up, I’ll use a little locally harvested honey, or fruit.

    Hope you can work up a solution to the issues with your sugar.


    1. Many thanks, DDM. I am/was taking 2000 mg daily of Metformin ER. The ER doc said that could be a contributing factor to pancreatitis. Of course, I have been on Metformin for many, many years without any previous ill effects, as far as I know. It’s also true that I am older now than I have ever been before.

      My A1C readings always start with a “6.” Maybe I need to come to some happy medium where readings in the low 7s are tolerated so I don’t have any other issues.


      1. “I am older now than I have ever been before.”

        And there are days I don’t feel a day over 80. Considering the things I have put my body thru, ANY day looking down at the grass is a good one. Hell, in just the last 18 months I’ve cheated the buzzards out of a meal twice. I figure I MIGHT get to do that one more time but one day my number will come up. Hell, Saturday I tried to eliminate a couple fingers working on my Barracuda. Trying to position the 3rd member, by myself, and it slipped on the jack. Pinched 2 fingers on my left hand when it shifted. They are a rather vivid shade of purple today, but luckily not broken.

        Good luck on being able to cut back on the drugs if possible. Might have to look into it, especially the Metformin. Like many drugs, the side effects seem to be as bad as the good they do.


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