Another year reaches its final month and, seemingly, with much greater speed than any other.


Thanks to Philip Maynard for sharing this article with me that originally appeared in Muscle Cars And Trucks. The title is, “Math Of Electric Vehicles At Odds With America’s Grid.” OK, I grant this is probably not from an unbiased source. However, here is an excerpt from the piece that I think is particularly compelling.


“Of course, no conversation about a renewable energy-dominated electric grid is complete without addressing the storage capacity issue. We don’t have enough battery materials to build enough electric cars for everyone in the world, let alone storage batteries big enough to run a metropolis like New York City or Boston on captured wind and solar energy.

Renewable energies aren’t agile, despite their billing as building a friendly future. In case you forgot, the reason we built a society on fossil fuels was because of its incredible flexibility and adaptability. Anything less than equivalent agility from our future energy sources is equal to stepping back into the stone age. No amount of virtue signaling or sacrifices will change that.”


Once again, the EV zealots/lemmings are just wrong. Please read the article.


I have given up on my goal of x0,000 blog views for the year. Given that and other exogenous events, it is very likely that posting will be sporadic for at least the first two weeks of December, if not longer.






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1965 Olds 442 (Gettysburg, VA) |



5 thoughts on “December?

  1. I read an article about the drought plaguing the Southwest of the USA. It is a pretty scary scenario, the water level of Lake Powell is getting so low that is threatening the supply of water and electricity for millions of Americans. How will they charge the thousands of EVs they expect to sell in the coming years? People over there will barely have water to drink.


  2. That’s a nice looking 442, 1965 model I think. Were I to hit one of the big lotteries, I would like to find a 66 W-30. They are scarce as chicken teeth, 50 some made and only in 66 with the tri carb.

    Wish in one hand, sh&# in the other……..


  3. This week, I saw an article about a small commuter airliner under development. It uses an 800-lb changeable battery pack for quick turn-arounds. The 9 or so passenger aircraft has 14 electric motors mounted along the front edges of the wings. We shall see if this bird ever flies in quantity. 🙂


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