A New Hero

The rebooted De Tomaso automobile company is building a limited-edition, zero-emission, track-only supercar. Why is this news? The De Tomaso P900 is NOT electric, but runs on synthetic fuels. Norman Choi, De Tomaso CEO, is my new hero. Here are his remarks as published in this Hagerty article:


“As a passionate automotive enthusiast, it is difficult for me to accept a silent EV-driven future. We believe that alternatives do exist, and the development of our new platform, driven by synthetic fuels, is our solution for keeping this shared passion for the theatre of combustion engines alive. This venture into synthetic fuels represents our commitment to the pursuit of a zero-emissions mobility future without sacrificing the crucial element which we all hold so dear— the soul and symphony of an engine.”


The soul and symphony of an engine. Amen! We believe that alternatives do exist. Double Amen! Here is a picture of the P 900.




“Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


I have been having health issues. (What a surprise…not.) Or have I? Physical exams have proven to be unremarkable and testing suggests I am very healthy. For example, this week my resting heart rate was measured at 63 BPM and my blood pressure at 110-over-70.

I am beginning to think my general state of ennui, of boredom is manifesting itself in physical issues. I have read in multiple places that many physicians think 80%-90% of illness in the “developed” world (I don’t think it’s as developed as its residents think) is the result of stress. That could apply to illness that cannot be confirmed by testing, I suppose.

I am having blood drawn today for more testing and since a Hemoglobin A1C level will be part of that testing, I am going to eat whatever I want at a breakfast shared with my wonderful wife AFTER they take blood. What’s the joke about the engraving on the tombstone of a hypochondriac? See, I told you I was sick.


I don’t really care if USC makes this year’s College Football Playoff (CFP), but much in the same way I rooted for Cincinnati to get in last year, I would much prefer that TCU make the four-team field instead of Ohio State or Alabama, not that I have anything against those schools’ football teams. By the way, the word is the people in charge of the CFP and who are trying to accelerate the expansion to 12 teams before 2026 have given the Rose Bowl “administrators” a deadline of today to accept CFP proposals. If the Rose Bowl refuses to agree, then it’s my understanding that playoff expansion will have to wait until 2026 AND that the Rose Bowl could then be left out of the playoff completely.

The arrogance of those in charge of the Rose Bowl is mind-boggling to me. They are going to cost the schools hundreds of millions of dollars and hurt one of their affiliated conferences, the Pac-12, that would benefit greatly by playoff expansion. Once again, the Rose Bowl is NOT bigger than college football.










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8 thoughts on “A New Hero

  1. I doubt that you are having back pain, but check out the book “Healing Back Pain; The Mind Body Connection” by Dr. John Sarno. Full disclosure, I have not read it, but have heard great things about it. I wake up these days playing body ache bingo: what’s going to be acting up this morning.


  2. “boredom is manifesting itself in physical issues.”

    I believe there is some validity to that. I have always been busy, often times too busy, but I have generally had pretty good health. I’m not going to include self inflicted injuries, as those were, for the most part, preventable. For instance, this past summer my blood sugar trended higher due to my inactivity, but is now coming back into line. I also don’t tire as fast as I did a month or two ago. I’m fortunate that I have interests outside of my work, and the time to indulge them, to keep my mind and body active. I know in the past you expressed little desire to volunteer, perhaps you might want to reconsider and see how how it affect your mental and physical health.

    “Never slow down, never grow old”


    1. Thanks, DDM. I actually did sign up to volunteer at a local car museum after the manager became impressed with my knowledge. Subsequently, they asked me once to volunteer. I had a prior commitment and told them so; they have not asked me since.

      I need more engagement than I can get from volunteering just for the sake of it. That’s why I am usually searching for cars or houses. I need a big project to keep my brain occupied. I have also realized it’s OK to buy a secondary car (or cars) and just keep them for a short time. I was glad to have purchased the Cascada and to have driven it, but it just wasn’t the car for me even as a second car. When the time comes and I can have a second car without worrying about where I will park it, I might turn that car over every 6-12 months. So many CARS, just one life.


  3. Synthetic fuels or alternate fuels for ICE cars and trucks offer a significant alternative to electric cars. The best thing for the automotive marketplace is multiple choices of vehicle power. One synthetic fuel, biodiesel, is a current alternative. My wife’s sister’s husband drives a diesel pickup and has “brewed” his own biodiesel from waste vegetable oil for several years. There is a firm that brews biodiesel from waste vegetable oil on a commercial basis. There are oil companies doing extensive research on making biodiesel from algae.

    I am now off to do my exercise regime for my knee. The side benefit is that overall I get more exercise for the rest of my body as well. Movement is medicine. It all amounts to activity both physical and mental. Work on the mental side as well and your overall health will improve. Next comes 12 minutes on the exercise bike and then the rest.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Regarding alternatives to EVs, I’m afraid the narrative is all but lost. The zealots will soon claim final victory and common sense will take it on the chin once again. HOWEVER, they are still wrong and will always be so. The havoc that will ensue following “complete” adoption of EVs will be terrifying. “You can only use your electricity on even or odd days depending on your street address.” Don’t laugh…the US electric grid is not even close to being able to handle tens of millions of EVs being charged every night.


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