25 Years!

Although it was the day after Thanksgiving in 1997, it was on this date in that year that my wonderful wife and I met for the first time. Other than to write that it was not love at first sight, I will spare you the details that we find amusing, but that you will likely find yawn-inducing.



“Jews Don’t Count” This is the title of a book by David Baddiel, a Jewish comedian from the UK. (Here is a relevant link to Why Evolution Is True.)

The book is about the rapidly growing anti-Semitism on the “progressive” left. As I have written before, there is nothing “progressive” about the idiocy of woke.

Even though Jews comprise just two-tenths of one percent of the world population, and just two percent of the US population, the so-called progressives do not defend Jews as they do other minorities. Baddiel’s central thesis is that “Jews don’t count as a proper minority” when it comes to contemporary notions of prejudice and racism. He sets out to explore why so many people seem to ignore antisemitism, as well as “the dysfunction between progressives and Jews.”

The neo-Nazi morons of the far right have always been anti-Semites; it is the woke left where anti-Semitism is growing at a disturbing pace. My contempt for anti-Semites of all stripes cannot be measured with existing technology.

Let me ask this question: how is it that so many Jews who came to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were successful DESPITE facing enormous discrimination, DESPITE not even speaking English at first and DESPITE no government affirmative action programs??!! (I am vehemently opposed to any affirmative action schemes.) Think about that and apply that to today where some groups want special treatment. First earn, then receive.


A couple of stories from CNBC. This morning, long-time CNBC host Jim Cramer wrote this, “China lockdown: Real impact from the lack of science? Why do they keep doing this? Why should our stock market react negatively each time? There are fewer and fewer connections with China, and I would prefer a slowdown there that cuts our commodity inflation. In case in point, oil prices sank roughly 3%.”

Once again, the Chinese government is not all-knowing. Their own vaccines were not that effective against the original strain of the damn virus and are basically useless against the variants. It is only very recently that they have agreed to purchase the more effective vaccines from Western companies. Blind adherence to ANY ideology is a road to ruin.

In this post I wrote about this CNBC piece that reported consumers intended to spend this holiday season seemingly unfazed by inflation and recession clouds on the horizon. This CNBC article reported that 2022 Black Friday online sales topped $9 billion, up 2.3% from last year and a new record. People did, indeed, put their money where their mouth was.

I expect a US recession next year, especially if the Federal Reserve leaves interest rates at their terminal point for months on end. I don’t think it will be anywhere near as severe as 2007-09, but I think it will be more than just a technical recession.


I think Nebraska’s hire of Matt Rhule as the new head football coach has been very effectively countered by Wisconsin’s hire of Luke Fickell. As I wrote here, he would have been my first choice for Nebraska. Obviously, I was wrong when I wrote that the “consensus” was the only two jobs that could entice Fickell to leave Cincinnati were Ohio State and Notre Dame. I do wonder if he was on Nebraska’s radar and, if so, why did he prefer the Wisconsin job.








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  1. That’s a nice 64 GTO. I like the color, had to go find a color chart to ID it, it does the lines of the car very nice. My second color choice would be black. I have always liked black, it just looks sinister.

    If I ever was to decide to get a GTO, it would be a 64. For me, the proportions just look “right”. Probably I was influenced in my teenage years as a friend had a 64 LeMans with a 326 and 4 speed. A set of Cragar mag’s on the car set it off nicely with the green paint.


  2. You and V squared are only 25 years behind her cousin and me. Congratulations on achieving a milestone very few couples get to.

    I do not have the time nor you have the space needed for me to expound upon anti-semitism. Just know I am with you completely in your hatred for “those” people.


    1. Many thanks, JS. Politics and science are mutually exclusive, it appears. It is the scary level of scientific and mathematical ignorance of the US population that allows them to be manipulated by politicians who ONLY care about being elected and re-elected.

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      1. I will use all of my willpower to keep from writing the old adage how opinions are like a certain smelly part of the anatomy. People are entitled to their opinions–sadly, no matter how uninformed or misinformed–but are NOT entitled to their own facts.

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