The Game

Maybe it’s arrogance that the annual Ohio State-Michigan college football game is often called simply “The Game.” However, this season it is the game in college football. For the first time since 2006 both teams are undefeated headed into their annual contest.

Even though I have a very good friend who is a long time Buckeyes fan, I don’t think I will be rooting for either team. I just want to see an exciting and close game.


I could have watched the Nebraska-Iowa game yesterday and did watch it briefly. Nebraska was ahead 7-0 and on a drive that would ultimately result in a field goal. The day got away from me, though, and I didn’t see the Huskers get out to a 24-0 lead only to have to hold on to defeat the Hawkeyes 24-17.

The loss ended Nebraska’s current losing streak at at five games while ending Iowa’s winning streak at four. It also ended Nebraska’s seven-game losing streak to Iowa. By the way, yesterday’s game was played on the 51st anniversary of Nebraska’s classic 35-31 win over Oklahoma in a matchup of two undefeated teams. Those were the days…

The big news for Huskers football, though, is that it seems they are going to hire Matt Rhule as their new head coach. He was a very successful coach at Temple and Baylor, reviving two programs that had been moribund or under a cloud. He was unsuccessful as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL.

My choice would have been Luke Fickell, current head coach at the University of Cincinnati, but–of course–it’s possible he wasn’t interested in the job or even on Nebraska’s wish list. Word is the only two jobs that could entice him to leave Cincinnati are Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Is Rhule a good enough choice to get me to resume watching Nebraska football in earnest next season? (Hey, I thought you lived in Arizona. Where’s Earnest? 🙃) I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


Although this potential purchase seems more distant every day, at present the choice for my next car–to complement the Mustang GT, not to replace it–will be one of these two.



Making the choice more difficult is that I would not buy a Solstice made before 2008 as those cars had a problem with leaking differentials nor would I buy an XLR from 2004 or 2005 as those cars had a lot of teething pains. The XLR is a better looking car in my opinion, I’ll never forget how enthralled with the car I was the first time I saw it at the Dallas Auto Show, but the GXP also looks good, pays homage to my Pontiac roots and is much less expensive.

I hope I can execute this purchase sooner rather than later, but there are many moving parts in our life right now. Wish us luck.








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4 thoughts on “The Game

  1. “there are many moving parts in our life right now”

    I was led to believe that as I approached retirement, life would slow down and become easier. I think I was lied to, as I seem to have at least as much on my plate as I ever did. Some is probably my fault, replacing work activity with other outside “time consumers.” Maybe I’m one of those folks that can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. I know my limited ability to get around, both this year and last, were extremely frustrating.

    Hope things even out for you, you can get that new home with a 4 car garage and a “toy” car.


    1. Thanks, DDM. Most retired people I know tell me they’re no less busy in retirement than when they were working. ALL of the available evidence strongly suggests that, on average, the retirees who are happiest and live the longest are those who remain physically and mentally active, not those who spend their days watching TV.


  2. I are one of those “retired” people. I am almost as busy now as when I was a “not-yet-retired” person still working. School days we have three grandchildren riding the school bus to our house, I have an exercise regime to recuperate my “repaired” knee, I have an extensive project list and I am the go-fer person in our household. Oh, yeah, I also have a project truck in the garage. My physical therapists wear shirts that have emblazoned on them, “Movement is Medicine”. If you do not believe that, thou art in trouble big time. My exercise bike keeps my new knee from getting too stiff, and the one mile morning walk starts off my day. Then the exercises for my knee are my “movement medicine”. For those about to retire, do NOT allow yourself to veg out on the couch. Thou shalt continue to be physically and mentally active to remain alive. I shall end my rant here for tonight and return to watching USC and ND battle it out. I am rooting for ND as I have trouble cheering on “those obnoxious people” from USC. My Arizona Wildcats did return the Territorial Cup to Tucson, defeating the Bulldogs from Tempe Normal…er the Sun Devils from Arizona State.


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