Early Greetings

Although it’s still a week from Thanksgiving, in case the seasonal exigencies of life intrude and I am unable to post as often as usual, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. January 1, 2023 is six weeks from this upcoming Sunday.


Not too much to report here about which I am at liberty to discuss. We have not purchased a house nor made an offer on one. I suspect we will be in our current house longer, even much longer, than I had thought just a couple of months ago. If that proves to be correct then any car purchase(s) will have to wait. We have seen houses with “real” garages and space for 1-3 cars to be parked safely on the lot, though, so I am encouraged that when the day comes and we actually pull the trigger on a new house, at some point after that both my wonderful wife and I can do a little car shopping.

This house–with its nearly 9,000 square feet under roof, 3.5 acre lot and garage space for at least six cars–is, sadly, out of our price range. What the hell, here’s a photo:


Aerial view featured at 8292 E Black Mountain Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85266


Even though the house is priced far beyond what we can prudently spend, for its age and amenities its price per square foot is actually a “bargain” for this market. It’s even about 300 feet higher in elevation (therefore, about 1°-2° cooler) than where we currently live.

Even in the 1-in-300,000,000 chance that my wonderful wife and I win a big lottery jackpot I don’t think we would spend $8-$10 million on a house. Why should we when something like this could be available for far less?


I’m out of topics for today. Take care.






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Maserati 3500 GT 1962 | Autos, Neue wege


8 thoughts on “Early Greetings

  1. Pretty blue Maserati. My mind at first thought it was one of Enzo’s creations, until I saw the Trident. Oh, and the red bubble top Impala from yesterday was also pretty. I liked the red, just not my brand. Still pretty to see.

    As you say, Thursday next is a great day to be thankful, of which our household agrees with our whole heart.


    1. Thanks for noticing and for commenting about the cars at the end of some posts. There is a method to my madness.

      That Maserati 3500GT is one of my favorite designs. I remember literally gasping at one I saw during a Mecum auction we attended.


  2. “I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays”

    As it stands, this will be a less happy time for many this year. The organization I’m part of does a free Thanksgiving dinner for those having a hard time every year. Due to the rising cost of EVERYTHING, we are only able to afford about 70% of what we could last year, even though expectations are there will be more attendees. As many, both businesses and individuals, are forced to cut back this year, donations will likely not meet what the expected need will be. We will likely have to dig a bit deeper to come up with the difference. Last year we fed just over 250 folk, we anticipate this year the number will be in excess of 300.

    Not sure how the Christmas dinner will work out. We used to have extra food from Thanksgiving to start it, doubtful that will happen this year. 😦

    As for myself, just after Thanksgiving, I will be leaving out for the PNW. I had committed to running a project for a long time customer and after a nearly 8 month delay, the machinery is FINALLY ready to ship. I will probably be there thru the Christmas holiday, as I see no reason to travel 2 out of 5 days, especially given the holiday crush of people. After 65 years of life, with in excess of 30 years spent traveling, I’m pretty sure I can find ways to amuse myself for a few days over the holiday.

    Good chance I will be able to do “the traditional Christmas pizza” somewhere up there. 🙂


      1. Thank you for your kind offer. I would humbly request you do this:

        Having spent time in the Phoenix area, I’m quite aware of the level of homelessness and folks in need in that area. If you would make a donation to a church/shelter in that area, I would consider that a just and worthy cause. I got tied in to this group because I started donating to them several years ago. It’s a smallish local organization with little overhead. I like that more than the big outfits that spend more on advertising and salaries than they do on the folks they are supposed to be helping. One thing led to another and it has progressed to this in my life. At least the folks who show up for this, it’s for the food. Not some hustler on the street claiming to be hungry, but turning down the offer of a meal and preferring cash. I have never refused to feed someone, even in times when I had little. Now that I’m doing well, seems fair that I offer something to those who need a hand up.

        Thanks again for the offer.


  3. DDM, THANK YOU for working local to help those in need! The smaller local charities are usually more in tune to the immediate needs. My wife and I only contribute to locals and to those national ones who are truly caring for those really in need. The local food bank and as always the Salvation Army. I had a paternal aunt and uncle who were lifelong members in the Canadian branch of the Salvation Army. They were truly caring people and so is that particular organization with no overpaid executives at the top.

    Stay safe on your work over Christmas in the PNW and God Bless you and yours. I trust your body is healing well from the accident. Take care of yourself and do NOT over work! Take your recovery in small stages. At our age the bodies tell us to take it easy.


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