Weary Wednesday

Between a bout with severe GI distress and a nightmare about deer invading our house–during which I made so much noise that my wonderful wife had to wake me up–I am in no position to write a real post today.





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4 thoughts on “Weary Wednesday

  1. So here is my impression of what you would have written today:
    “I didn’t win powerball but if I had, here is what I would have done:
    >https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/6307-E-Sage-Dr-Paradise-Valley-AZ-85253/7837969_zpid/ This house has six garage spaces so my wife’s Aston Martin and her Corvette, my Mustang, Studebaker, Avanti, and a car to be named later would fit. I’d also buy a garage to house my twelve other cars offsite.
    >I would donate $50 million dollars to my high school to bring it back to its former glory. Despite my depression during my teenage years, I did enjoy my classmates and teachers, even when we would show up at houses unannounced to find them in a bathrobe fixing watches;
    >I will donate $100 million to Jewish charities.
    >I would give $25 million to my lovely niece. This is enough money to have a nice life without attracting the leeches;
    >The rest I would put in a triple tax free muni and live off the interest.

    Feel better my friend. Catch you on the next post.


    1. Many thanks, Doc. It’s funny you would mention our high school because if I won a lot of money in a lottery I would donate to the school through its “foundation.”


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