Two Years Ago

On this day in 2020 my wonderful wife and I moved into this house. While I doubt we’ll still be here two years from now, we are glad to be in Arizona living among beautiful scenery and great neighbors. We once lived in a house we owned for less than two years; we lived in the first mid-Atlantic house we bought for just 607 days. Neither the house nor the neighborhood turned out to be a good fit.

I repeat myself as is my wont, but we are at a point where we want to live in a single-story house. I also greatly desire a much larger lot and space to accommodate more cars.


We are not going on our trip. No, we did not win the Powerball. Actually, I cannot state that definitively. As I write this at 7:50 AM Mountain Standard Time, the results for last night’s drawing have not been announced. Apparently, some states were completely overwhelmed by the volume of tickets sold.

I will predict that multiple winning tickets were sold, maybe as many as four. We would still be ecstatic to net $130+ million after taxes.


It is a sad state of affairs in that the only way I can get a really good night’s sleep is to have had a bad one the night before. I woke up yesterday at 3:30 AM after a most fitful 4-5 hours of sleep.

Later yesterday, I fell asleep in my chair in the bonus room while watching an episode of Everyday Driver on Amazon Prime. When I woke up I decided to go to bed even though it was a few minutes before 6 PM. Not counting the obligatory pee “breaks” for a man in his 60s, I slept peacefully until 6 AM.

As such, I missed the Ravens-Saints game. More importantly, I missed seeing the lunar eclipse.



I loved this tweet from Neil DeGrasse Tyson:


A Lunar Eclipse flat-Earthers have never seen:









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3 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. Seems there is a very happy person in California, one ticket sold there matched the Powerball draw. I guess the rest of us will just have to get by with what we have.

    ” I also greatly desire a much larger lot and space to accommodate more cars.”

    A plan. It’s good to have a plan. (obscure?) 🙂


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