Friable Friday

For not the first time: Friable; adjective, easily crumbled or brittle


No, I did not watch the Ravens-Buccaneers game last night. For reasons better left unwritten, I was not in a place where I could watch the game.

I also did not play a playoff game in my computer football league. The game from Wednesday is not really worth writing about. (The AFC West Champions, the 9-9 Las Vegas Lightning, crushed the AFC Central Champions, the 9-9 Louisville Panthers, 39-10.)


I have not really followed this issue much, but I think major league baseball is simply waiting for the World Series to end to announce that the Oakland A’s franchise is moving to Las Vegas. The team and the city of Oakland failed to reach a deal on a project that would include a new ballpark by what was admittedly a soft deadline. I have not seen any updates.

I don’t think MLB (which has now made 87 pension payments to me) wants to upstage the World Series with news of the A’s relocation. Of course, I could be adding two and two and getting six.


To answer something Philip Maynard asked in his last comment, I have not really thought much more about buying a Solstice. I do want to buy a “complementary” vehicle, but that project has been pushed further down in the hierarchy.

If/when we live in a house with space to easily accommodate more cars, however many that may be, I haven’t given up on buying a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk or maybe something like this:



This is a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado, which was a member of my Ultimate Garage 2.0 published in 2019. At 221 inches in length it would necessitate a garage of “real” dimensions, not Arizona dimensions.

What do I mean? We allegedly have a three-car garage. All of my life I have understood that a garage should be at least 20 feet long/deep, and 10 feet wide for each car. Therefore, a three-car garage should be at least 20′ x 30′. The three-car garage in our second Texas house was 21′ x 30′. Of course, we only had two cars at the time.

Our current garage, however, is roughly 18′ x 28′ and that’s before the stupid lip that sticks out from the wall shared with the house. My Mustang is 188 inches long (15 feet, 8 inches) and barely fits. A 221-inch long car would not fit and our current lot is way too small for me to park a car anywhere on it. Most garages in Arizona are undersized.

We have recently seen a brand new house with a 4-car garage almost 20 feet deep and with no lip, but with an annoying 5-foot high berm in the front that, supposedly, cannot be removed because it’s classified NAOS: Natural Area Open Space. Understand that this berm borders on the street, but is still designated NAOS. We’ll keep looking or we won’t, but we’re not buying that house.

While I left the ’67 Eldo out of Ultimate Garage 3.0, I still love the car and having one would bring back the good memories of riding with my then brother-in-law, usually to various sporting events, in his ’67 Eldorado. As I have written, if I buy another car I want to buy one with some personal connection. An aside: if necessary, I would consider a ’68, but nothing later as I really like hidden headlights.


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4 thoughts on “Friable Friday

  1. A friend told me a funny Eldorado story. My friend was outside of Memorial Stadium in Baltimore in about 1980. Hall of Famer Eddie Murray was sitting on his own car signing autographs. Fast forward 40 years and the same friend had the occasion to get Eddie’s autograph again. He told Eddie the story of getting his autograph while he was sitting on his Monte Carlo. Eddie said he never owned a Monte Carlo. He said it was not a Monte Carlo, it was an Eldorado. Don’t downgrade me like that.


  2. If the A’s do relocate, Oakland will have lost teams in all four of the major professional sports (A’s, Raiders, Warriors, Golden Seals).


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