Nothing In Particular Friday

I don’t have much today. Most of you will probably like this photo.



In late August the USPS issued these stamps. My wonderful wife purchased a set for me earlier this week.

I remember looking forward to these stamps being released; the fact that I/we didn’t buy them right away is yet another example of how time seems to speed up as one ages. “The stamps will be out in a couple of months.” “It’s been a couple of months since the stamps were released?!”

I’m sure I am not the only person who has amended the famous remark “Time flies when you’re having fun” to “Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.”

By the way, I do intend to actually use up to ten of these stamps, but doubt I will reach ten pieces of mail anytime soon. Like most people, I just don’t use “snail mail” very much.

I wouldn’t care if mail delivery were cut back to three or four days a week. Yes, I know that until 1950 mail was delivered twice a day. Things change, times change.


Yesterday, I watched the Season 2 finale of Transplant for at least the 10th time. Can you say OCD?

The first two seasons are available, for a cost, on Amazon Prime. I was happy to pay what amounts to less than $2 an episode. I can no longer stream Season 1 on Hulu and may not be able to stream Season 2 anymore, either, but I haven’t checked since I can watch it on Prime. I can tell you, though, that I am not the only person who has searched for “Transplant Season 3” on Amazon Prime.

No official word has been issued by NBC whether or not they will air Season 3 in the US (the show is produced and airs in Canada). Of course, I have figured out how to watch those episodes, anyway. If NBC airs them I will certainly watch them again. What can I say? I just love the show.


Transplant (2020) HD streaming - Guarda ITA | AltaDefinizione


Above is a picture of the main cast for the first two seasons. John Hannah, second from left and you might know him from Four Weddings And A Funeral, left the show at the end of Season 2.

House, another TV obsession of mine and the show I usually describe as my favorite ever, was also a medical show. It was more cerebral and had better writing. Transplant affects me more on an emotional level (because I’m getting older?) and is written more realistically, in my opinion. The latter has already earned a place in my very small TV pantheon, I am not a big TV watcher, along with the aforementioned House, Frasier and The Big Bang Theory.


Have a great weekend.







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6 thoughts on “Nothing In Particular Friday

  1. I’d like John Hannah in Transplant. So much in fact I wore number 73 playing football in 10th grade for him.


    1. LOL, “BB.” In case you don’t know, or even if you do, John Hannah (not the actor, of course) is member of both the Pro Football and College Football halls of fame. He wore #73 while spending his entire 13-year pro career with the New England Patriots.


  2. Saw this item this morning… “TV Line is reporting the network has decided to pass on season 3 of the Canadian-produced “Transplant,” currently airing on CTV. NBC originally took the show primarily because of a shortage of programming, caused by a COVID-related production shutdown.”


    1. Thanks for sharing? I won’t shoot the messenger, but it’s a sad state of commentary that NBC passes on a quality show, the most-watched and most-decorated scripted show in Canada, but continues to air shit like American Ninja Warrior.


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