Throat Fire

Today’s post will be short, but not so sweet. About 11:30 PM last night I was awakened to that sensation I know all too well, the feeling that my throat was on fire. This state happens when I have an episode of breakthrough reflux.

Instead of just stomach acid splashing into the esophagus, an organ that does not have a lining designed to deal with the acid, small portions of food accompany the acid with reflux. The pain and discomfort are overwhelming and I start coughing. I’m not sure if a very small amount of food actually makes it all the up–the wrong way–the esophagus, spills into the trachea and reaches the bronchial tubes.

Last night’s associated coughing lasted far longer than any other in recent memory. I have an awful headache this morning and am actually afraid to eat anything more than just a couple of small bites.

If you want to read about GERD, you can here. By the way, I have had my upper GI tract scoped 17 times.






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