Wacky Wednesday?

From this Archon’s Den post:


A Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic Priest met at the town’s annual 4th of July picnic.
Old friends, they began their usual banter.
“This baked ham is really delicious,” the priest teased the rabbi. “You really ought to try it. I know it’s against your religion, but I can’t understand why such a wonderful food should be forbidden! You don’t know what you’re missing. You just haven’t lived until you’ve tried Mrs. Hall’s prized Virginia Baked Ham. Tell me, Rabbi, when are you going to break down and try it?”
The rabbi looked at the priest with a big grin, and said, “At your wedding.”


From Reader’s Digest (remember them?):


On a Miami­ to Chicago flight was a lively youngster who nearly drove everyone crazy. He was running up and down the aisle when the flight attendant started serving coffee. He ran smack into her, knocking a cup of coffee out of her hand and onto the floor.

As he stood by watching her clean up the mess, she glanced up at the boy and said, ‘”Look, why don’t you go and play outside?”

(BTW, this joke is from the 1950s.)


“We used to play spin the bottle when I was a kid. A girl would spin the bottle, and if the bottle pointed to you when it stopped, the girl could either kiss you or give you a quarter. By the time I was 14, I owned my own house.”

(Also an old joke and I changed “nickel” to “quarter.”)


Funny Signs


On this day in 1993 Toyota built its one millionth Camry. Through 2021–and only counting exports–almost 17,000,000 Camrys have been sold.

The Camry can be seen as a prime example of the move to front-wheel drive vehicles. It has been manufactured since 1982 as a FWD car although an AWD variant is now available. Front-wheel drive was the dominant paradigm from the early 1990s until very recently when, in the US at least, sales of AWD vehicles surpassed those of FWD.

Of course, a Camry is not the type of car I would own. However, different strokes for different folks or DSFDF for those of you who like that sort of thing. Below is a picture of a 2021 Toyota Camry.


2021 Toyota Camry Redesign, Release Date, Price | ToyotaFD.com


Although I wound up not buying one, and it’s really a BMW, here is a picture of a Toyota I might buy.


New 2022 Toyota Supra 3jz Price, Release Date, Specs | 2023 Toyota Cars Rumors


One of the factors that pushed me to a new Mustang GT is that I could buy one for thousands less than a used Supra. I will admit that I still think the Supra looks better, but the Mustang looks good, too, and sounds better, IMO.






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