Slim Pickens Saturday

No, today’s post is not about the actor and rodeo performer born Louis Burton Lindley Jr. Instead, it refers to my lack of ideas for the blog.

I don’t have to rehash the reasons why I am out of ideas. Suffice to say I don’t know whether this lull is just temporary or is indicative of a more permanent state.

Below is a picture of Slim Pickens as Major T.J. “King” Kong riding a hydrogen bomb in Dr. Strangelove. (I guess maybe today’s post is about him a little bit, after all.) He credited the movie with turning his career around. Pickens once remarked, “After Dr. Strangelove, the roles, the dressing rooms, and the checks all started gettin’ bigger.”


Plus ca change: Criterion reissues Dr. Strangelove **** - DenOfCinema


I haven’t seen the movie in awhile, but remember it as being funny AND disturbing. I guess that was the idea.


Sorry again, Lyle, but here’s another Arizona scenery photo.



Only automobiles are a more frequent subject of the pictures on my phone than the scenery around here. It was Halloween of 2020 that we arrived in Arizona as residents and not visitors. It’s not been the smoothest of times, but my wonderful wife and I are happy to be here.


The Classic Cars website offers a journal. One feature of this journal is a Pick of the Day. Here is a recent one showing a car that would have been part of the now defunct Hall of Very Good Cars series and below are a couple of photos.


1967 pontiac grand prix convertible, Pick of the Day: 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible, Journal


This is a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible. According to Classic Cars, 5,854 of these were produced. According to standard catalog of® of American Cars, 1946-1975 that number was 5,856. That is a small discrepancy that reminds me, once again, of an important point: human record keeping is not, never has been and never will be perfect.

In the somewhat likely event that my wonderful wife and I move to a single-story house with a larger lot and more space for cars, it is entirely possible that something like this could be added to the “stable.” It probably would be easier getting one of these serviced than a Studebaker.






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4 thoughts on “Slim Pickens Saturday

  1. May I suggest a topic for your blog?
    Well, people love pictures, cars, and scenic routes, so why not you and your wife, go on taking pictures of some beautiful back roads around your place? Riding your amazing Mustang, of course.
    Just an idea.


  2. Slim Pickens is fondly remembered in our house as one of the better, side kicks for the Western movie heroes. His character in Mel Brooks’ Western comedy, “Blazing Saddles” was wonderful. My favorite among the side kicks would be George “Gabbie” Hayes. Contrary to his gruff, unsophisticated manner in his movie character, Mr. Hayes, was a sophisticated, well-dressed gentleman in real life.

    The Pontiac land yacht pictured today, is a perfect example of the type of oversized car of that era. You and I both would have trouble fitting it in our garage.

    Thanks for moving to our wonderful state on the anniversary of your arrival. We do need to get together for lunch considering we are related by marriage. The 140 mile gap between our houses should not be a barrier or an excuse.

    More pictures of Arizona and cars are welcome. I will peruse through my extensive collection of automobile pictures lifted from the internet and see if I have anything worthy of your blog. I doubt I will have much as they are mostly racing cars and hot rods.


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