Muddy Monday

The mud is all in my head, as in muddied thoughts with no clear direction. I wasn’t going to post today, but OCD.


Here are links to three posts from Why Evolution Is True:


More ideological bias: the National Science Foundation gives grants for people to document what the NSF already claims to know

Sundance and others cancel a talented filmmaker for “Islamophobia” and “white saviorism”

The DART mission: A U.S. spacecraft will hit an asteroid this evening (7:14 EDT), trying to change its orbit


For the nth time, the author of Why Evolution Is True (Jerry Coyne) is a self-proclaimed liberal, but rails against the excesses of the Lunatic Left. Wish someone who is a self-proclaimed conservative would speak out against the Radical Right; maybe someone has, besides George Will.


You’ll never see this story reported in the mainstream media. I do not know how much validity these claims have because I am not a scientist. However, neither are Schmocasio Schmortez, Theta Grunberg or GoreAl.

I firmly believe that the push to “Carbon Zero” is based at least as much on the old socialist/communist agendas of redistributing wealth and income and establishing firm governmental control over individuals as it is on environmental concerns. When I see how much of this so-called policy is based on punishment and not problem-solving, I can’t help conclude otherwise.


I found this Hagerty piece from last week to be very interesting. It is about each generation’s favorite classic cars. Here is the picture (I hope the link doesn’t break) from the top of the article:



When someone of my generation (the Baby Boomers) calls Hagerty about an insurance quote, the car most asked about is the 1972-84 Corvette. If that’s reported correctly, then–of course–that spans two Corvette generations.

I wonder how many people call for a quote on a car like this:








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4 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. ” the push to “Carbon Zero”

    Funny how that only applies to the US and Europe. China, India etc exempted. I read something recently, it involved a volcanic eruption somewhere that in 24 hours put more carbon into the atmosphere than EVERY automobile would in the following 12 months.

    And until such time as electricity can be generated in sufficient quantities to cover even the CURRENT (see what I did there?) demand, that carbon will still be generated by petroleum or coal fuel for the most part. When was the last time you heard about a nuke plant being opened? Pixie dust, unicorn farts and wishes won’t make it change. And right now, electric rates are going up at an alarming rate. Mine is a good bit higher than it was last year, even using slightly less KW’s. The local EMC buys from the “for profit” company that generates the power. So they pass on the cost, like every other company in the world.

    I figure in all reality, I have probably 10 or less trips around the sun in my future. For too many years I treated my body more like an amusement park than a temple, so now I’m paying the price. Therefore I probably won’t see the end of civilization as we know it, but it will probably be close. That is if the world doesn’t go off the rails, which is seeming more likely every day.

    Just my $.02, YMMV.


  2. For those advocating for nuclear power as “green” energy, please note that most nuclear power reactors are fueled by enriched uranium, meaning the uranium is processed to increase the amount of U235 atoms. To “enrich” the uranium, the uranium is circulated through centrifuges which are powered by electric power. The enrichment plant is in Tennessee and the power comes from The Tennessee Valley Authority which generates its power from nuclear, coal and hydroelectric generating plants, mostly coal. So tell me, which part of the nuclear fuel is not enriched by coal? For full disclosure, a good portion of the enriched uranium for fuel also comes from enriched uranium the United States exported from the former Soviet Union after its demise in order for it to not fall into the hands of terrorists to use in making nuclear weapons. Most of that enriched uranium was also processed by electricity from coal-fired power plants. NOTHING about the green new deal is green and sustainable.


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