Assorted Nuts

Post titles matter; today’s has nothing to do with anything except that I like the way it reads and sounds. Food products that are an assortment of nuts are almost always labeled “Mixed Nuts” and not “Assorted Nuts.” The latter just sounded better to me today.


This CNBC piece from early last week reports that a “Harvard expert” (Bill George, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School) thinks Zark Muckerberg is “de-railing” Fack Fucebook and that “He’s really lost his way.” My contempt for Muckerberg and his platform burns with the heat of a thousand suns.

Here is a remark from George, “I think Facebook is not going to do well as long as he’s there. He’s likely one of the reasons so many people are turning away from the company. He’s really lost his way.” Much of the article cites specific traits that George thinks are counter-productive.

Fack Fucebook and Guck Foogle have a de facto duopoly in digital advertising with a combined market share of more than 50 percent. Digital advertising comprises more than half of all advertising expenditures. It is in the best interests of a capitalist economy for entities with that kind of market power to be broken up.


Here are links to four posts from Why Evolution Is True:


Mencken on nonexistent gods

Some of H.L. Mencken’s entries in his private diary have been described by some as racist and anti-Semitic. Others disagree with that characterization. Judging the words and actions of someone in 1900 by the “standards” of 2022 is often, but not always, nothing more than ideological and temporal arrogance.

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that Mencken and I graduated from the same Baltimore high school, although 82 years apart. Mencken graduated at age 15 as the school valedictorian. I think he once wrote that newspaper editors separate the wheat from the chaff and print the chaff.


Did Wokeness come from Marxism?

NYT and other media fall for a hoax because it matched their ideology

Confirmation bias is very real.

Two articles on the Queen: one lionizing her and the other attacking her

For the nth to the n time, one of my most strongly held beliefs is that NO ONE who is alive or who has ever lived is/was perfect. Read this book by the late Christopher Hitchens if you think Mother Teresa was perfect.


I don’t know if this news is supposed to be shared, but we received the sad word from our friends and former neighbors, MB and BB, that they had to put down their legendary Basset Hound, Truman. He was the star of the neighborhood and graced us with his presence for all of the ten years they owned him after rescuing him at the age of two. I think most of us know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet.



To me, many dog faces resemble human faces. For me, no other species has the same quality.


No, the parts needed to complete the repairs of the Z06 have still not been delivered; at least not as far as I know. The latest they are supposed to be delivered is Thursday the 22nd. I think it’s way less than 50-50 they are delivered by then and I will have to inform the Ford dealership from whom I purchased the ’22 Mustang GT. Not looking forward to that, at all.









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