Where Does The Time Go?!

I am having lunch today with someone I’ve known since 1988, more than half my life. We worked together at the two baseball teams for whom I worked full-time. (He is still working for the second of those teams and has for almost 30 years. That tenure is more than half of his life.)

I started working for the Orioles in a full-time job when I was 28; I am now 62. I know the reality, but it is semi-incomprehensible if I am to be completely honest.

Tomorrow will be five months since the Z06 first failed to start. Yes, supply chains and logistics are busted to bupkis. As frustrating as the situation is, it does not seem like five months.

Today is the 1,708th day that Disaffected Musings has existed. My wonderful wife and I married 8,501 days ago. Can this blog really have existed for one-fifth of our marriage?!

I liken the seeming increase in the speed of the passage of time with age to getting 100 marbles and giving them away one at a time. At first, you’re only giving away 1% of the marbles, but as the number of marbles decreases the percentage given away increases. You’re still only giving away one marble at a time, but when you get to 50 marbles remaining each marble represents 2%. When you get to 20 marbles left, the next marble given away is 5% of the total.

I think your internal clock knows your time is finite and processes each unit of time as a larger percentage of what time remains. I think that’s why time seems to be speeding up as we age. I have no proof (hey, physicists have no proof for string theory, either, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about it), but my theory is as good as anyone else’s.


Speaking of string theory, this post from Why Evolution Is True is about “physicist and science popularizer” Sabine Hossenfelder “dissing” the multiverse. From the post:


“To Hossenfelder, the problem with mulitverse theories is that they all “Postulate the existence of unobservable entities.” That is, although the multiverse is an outcome of some mathematical physics, there is no way physicists have found to test it—to make observations that would make its existence more or less likely. If it ultimately can’t be tested, she says—and I agree—then it can’t be considered a scientific theory. (This is also true of string theory.)” [That last sentence is Jerry Coyne’s, not mine.]


As much as I respect science, I never forget that it is an endeavor of imperfect human beings. Even this guy wasn’t perfect, although I wish people like him were in charge instead of the dolt politicians.



Today is Day 7 of the 15-day delivery window for the parts needed to complete the repairs of the Z06. Of course, the completion of the repairs is now all about getting the car ASAP to the Ford dealer from whom I purchased the Mustang GT last week. For perhaps the last time in this blog:



By the way, taking the published figures as given, the Mustang GT I purchased actually has a better power-to-weight ratio than the new Supra, at least in terms of horsepower. (In terms of torque it’s a virtual dead heat.) The Mustang definitely sounds better.







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