Queen Elizabeth

I hope this post doesn’t appear to be exploitative or in poor taste.

Unlike many Americans, I have no interest in the British royal family. I also know nothing about the history of the monarchy. One of my favorite all-time public comments is Dick Vermeil’s response to being asked if he was going to watch the royal wedding (the wedding of then Prince, now King, Charles and Diana Spencer). He replied, “The royal what?”

I did watch a baseball game with Queen Elizabeth, sort of. Before Washington, DC regained a place in Major League Baseball when the Montreal Expos moved there before the 2005 season, the Baltimore Orioles hosted “official” visits from time to time.

I don’t remember the exact year, but it had to be between 1988, my first year with the Orioles, and 1991, the team’s last year at Memorial Stadium. She and her entourage sat in the owner’s box, which was next to the press box. They were separated by a glass (plexiglass?) wall.

I usually sat in the press box even though I was not a member of the media. My employee pass gave me access to just about anywhere in the stadium.

I don’t remember how long before the Queen’s visit that we were informed she would be at the game, but by the time she arrived everyone knew. Everyone in the press box also glanced over at the owner’s box at least a few times during the game, myself included.

She and her entourage stayed for seven innings. I did not see her talk, smile, cheer, eat or drink anything, but I was not watching her the entire time.

I offer sympathies to the British people as I know the monarch is an important symbol of their country.