Loss Of Trust

This morning I received a text from FedEx telling me they were going to deliver a package today. Since I couldn’t recall anything I had recently ordered, I dismissed it as spam and deleted it. Sure enough, when my wonderful wife and I returned from breakfast a package was on the front porch and it had been delivered by FedEx.

How many of you have Apple devices? News broke yesterday of a serious security flaw and the company urged everyone to update their operating system ASAP.

I had to delete the Comments option on the menu under the header image of my blog because I was receiving so many spam comments about ordering prescription drugs online. I wrote that “a few bad actors ruin something for everyone.” I’m not really sure it’s just a few, by the way.

I don’t remember the name or occupation of this person “of importance,” but someone gave testimony to Congress that if the problem of spam phone calls weren’t fixed, then the entire system of verbal communication via phone could break down. When we still had a VOIP line we received multiple spam calls every day that spoofed the area code of our number to increase the probability that we would answer the phone.

I don’t answer a phone call unless I recognize the number, which–of course–sometimes results in not answering a legitimate call. I know many people who operate under the same paradigm.

What I don’t understand is how people can use a strict exclusionary system when it comes to phone calls, emails and texts, because it has been proven that so many of them are potentially harmful, but can continue to believe politicians who habitually lie in order to gain votes. All politicians lie publicly at least some of the time. Idolizing a politician is like believing the stripper really likes you.

The loss of trust has many applications. After not having had the Z06 for most of the last 18 weeks, do you think I can ever trust the car again? In general, a serious betrayal of trust often leads to total disengagement, which is not always the best course of action in the long run, but is most understandable.

I would really like to read your thoughts on this topic.


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2 thoughts on “Loss Of Trust

  1. It is my belief that the problem of spoofed caller IDs is a technology problem that could be fixed by the phone companies if they wanted to. I try not to fall into conspiracy theories, but it seems to me that the reason the phone companies don’t fix it is that it somehow would decrease their revenue.


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