Friable Friday

Once again, Friable: Adjective, easily crumbled

Originally, I was going to write another Hall of Very Good Cars post today. I have to admit that despite the two dozen or so cars I have scribbled in my notebook that are supposed to be the subject of such posts, I have no desire to actually write about them at this time. Like I wrote here, I don’t want to live in the past, but what I can see of the future, admittedly a flawed view, is not appealing to me, either.


You may notice that the sub-menu under the header photo no longer includes an option for “Contact.” I had to disable that link because for weeks it has been used to send me dozens, maybe hundreds, of spam communications about buying prescription drugs online. I grew tired of having to delete them every day. As is too often the case, a few bad actors ruin something for everyone. The only way to communicate with me now in the context of this blog is to submit a comment. Of course, the comments have also been used to send me the same type of items, but at least I can permanently ban the senders’ email addresses.

Some blogs do not allow comments, but I think Disaffected Musings is better for having them. However, if the comments are hijacked then I will have no choice but to disable them as well. Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on the Sports Illustrated website had to have its comments disabled as people began using the forum to send personal messages and sent so many of them that the moderators could not delete the irrelevant comments.

I could rant about rampant narcissism, the utter disregard for the rights of others, but what good would that do? The anonymity of the Internet enables and emboldens bad behavior. The genie is out of the bottle.


I think the blog is much better with pictures, even if automobiles are not the subject matter.



Yesterday’s post about America’s song “A Horse With No Name,” and that had virtually no automotive content, generated a good number of views. Just like I ended the Threes And Sevens series with the year 1997 because the 21st century has not been about cars, the ill-advised headlong dive towards EVs is not a topic about which I wish to write at length.

You know, electric vehicles are not being widely adopted everywhere in the world. I read yesterday (on the Bloomberg TV news crawl) that policy makers in Australia are considering legislation to coerce people to buy them because only 2% of new vehicles sold there are electric. Again, those Australian officials are unable to understand that one size almost never fits all. Good luck installing charging stations along roads in the outback.

By the way, did you know that the vast majority of publicly accessible charging stations around the world are the slow type? For example, of the approximately 114,000 such devices in the US, about 92,000 of them are the slow chargers. Even in Norway, which has the highest adoption rate for electric vehicles, about two-thirds of public stations are the slow type. EVs are NOT the answer. From this website: “eFuels can be used straight away [right away in American English] with the existing tank and distribution infrastructure.” As Einstein said, every problem should be made as simple as possible. The move to EVs means enormous expenditures on new infrastructure that are actually not necessary.


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5 thoughts on “Friable Friday

  1. This morning’s reminder about the “Horse with No Name” reminded me that yesterday I forgot to comment that in nine days of traveling the desert with the horse, they couldn’t think of a name? Now, after letting the horse go, they won’t be able to call him back. >grin<


    1. LOL! Actually, some music critics disdained the song saying it was nothing but drug-addled lyrics over a simplistic musical structure. Of course, some radio stations would not play it because “Horse” was/is a slang word for heroin.

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  2. The government dictating the use/purchase of EVs will increase the demand for charging stations. The demand for charging stations will exacerbate the demand and load on the electrical grid system on both the distribution and transmission portions. Please remember that these electrical systems are privately owned by the electric utilities either individually and/or as joint ventures. It will take a tremendous amount of private capital to expand the systems to meet the demand of the charging stations. The politics of electric grid system expansion is a barrel of snakes with all of the environmental groups that will oppose it. The NIMBYs will run amok. This space is not large enough to explain the problems; suffice it to say that the entire nation’s electrical grid will end up just like California’s, a total mess lacking in reliability and capacity.


    1. Thanks, Philip. So far, governments have not outright mandated use/purchase of EVs in the present. Some countries have decided that after a certain date, say 2030 or 2035, NEW internal combustion engine cars will not be sold. They have not committed to a total ban on ICE cars, at least not yet.

      I agree with your analysis, but blind adherence to ideology has seemingly won the battle against common sense.


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