Common Sense or A Small Victory

This article from Classic Cars is about a new law that went into effect yesterday in Arizona. Both houses of the Arizona Legislature unanimously passed a bill, which was signed by the governor, that means removing and reattaching the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) during repairs or restoration is no longer against the law. Craig Jackson, Chairman/CEO of Barrett-Jackson, was a key driver of this legislation.

In this post from last year I linked to this article, sent to me by my friend Josh, that recounted the horrible experience of a Kansas man who unknowingly bought a car whose VIN tag had been removed and reattached. The state seized the car and threatened to destroy it. Years later, Kansas finally passed a law similar to the Arizona statute.

In a related vein, I remember a movement a few years ago by many serving on the New York City Council that tried to totally ban the use of salt in all foods served to the public. Uh, how do you catalyze yeast in bread without salt? Just because someone is in a position to make an important decision doesn’t mean that person is qualified to do so. To be harsher, idolizing a politician is like believing the stripper really likes you.

In general, too many people–whether they are in public service or not–seem oblivious to the axiom that it is often better to be silent and be thought the fool than to open one’s mouth and to remove all doubt. Too many people speak without command of the facts. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean anyone has to listen. Common sense is not common enough.


This CNBC article reports on another negative manifestation of so-called social media. The title of the piece is “Cash-strapped but still trying to keep up with the Kardashians: How social media drives bad spending habits.

According to this article, nearly 40% of young adults said they spend more money on experiences than on necessities like paying bills, in part because they want to share those experiences on social media. Once again, parents have to share some of the blame for behaviors like this, but social media is clearly a net negative, in my very strongly held opinion.


Remember this car?



No, I still don’t have the car. The most recent shop charged with fixing my Z06 has now had it for about a month. Last word was the shop was still waiting for the delivery of a right exhaust manifold. In all honesty, every additional day I have to wait for the car to be fixed increases the probability that I will sell it when it is returned. I don’t want to keep throwing good money after bad, or bad money after good or whatever. I am very tempted to buy something still under warranty although not necessarily brand new.








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4 thoughts on “Common Sense or A Small Victory

  1. I am sorry you are still without your car. It is truly unfortunate that your car is still “awaiting parts”. The supply chain problems are endemic to everything that needs parts to be repaired. The manufacture of the spare parts for everything was severely impacted by the pandemic and now by the lack of skilled labor and the materials to make the spare parts. You are awaiting a single exhaust manifold. I am trying to locate a set of original manufacture DE filter cartridges for my pool filter. Extremely rare and difficult to find. There are after market ones made but of inferior quality. I bought a set of those and they failed after less than a month of use. I think I have found a set but have to wait until Monday to be able to call and verify that what I am seeing on the website are not after market ones.

    Sometimes the Arizona Legislature gets things right, IF they are guided by people who actually know how to craft the legislation to improve the situation. Like your referenced law about VIN tags and the recent law about school choice. They changed the law so that the education scholarship funding is available for ALL school age children. Now any parent can apply for one and they will receive $7K per year to educate their child the way they choose. That means that the money follows the child. Public schools are still funded based on their enrollment and buildings are funded separately. It means that my son and his wife can apply for the scholarship and pay for the home schooling materials for their son. Or another family can have the money to send their child to a church funded school or charter school. They can do what is best for their child and his/her particular needs. Laws are still better crafted at the local or state level rather than at the Federal level. In a nation of our size, one solution, does not fit all situations.


    1. “In a nation of our size, one solution, does not fit all situations.” Very true, Philip. Those who demand regulation at every turn do not realize that one size almost never fits all.


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