Savoy Museum Monday

The Savoy Automobile Museum is a recently opened venue in Cartersville, Georgia. I wish I could remember the specific show, but one of the car shows I watch featured this museum while it was still under construction.

My long time friend, Ed C, sent me photos from his recent visit to Savoy. He sent me more pics than I prefer to publish in any one post, so I’ll have to pick my favorites. I hope you enjoy them.



I find it interesting that the cars shown in most museums don’t bear much resemblance to those sold at major auctions. I also think that Scottsdale, Arizona needs to have a world-class automobile museum, almost certainly with the involvement of Barrett-Jackson, which is headquartered there. My 2ยข.

In the idiom that a picture is worth a thousand words–and because I know you don’t actually want to read a thousand words (not that I haven’t written that many at times)–I have not commented on the pics. Thanks to Ed C for taking and for sending me these photos.





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11 thoughts on “Savoy Museum Monday

  1. I always enjoy the stuff in the background or the partials on the sides of photos. It keeps my mind active trying to figure out what they might be. Like the purple open wheel race car in the back ground of photo 6 or the truck to the side in the picture with the Edsel in the background. Nice collection, I just do not anticipate traveling to Georgia in the near future.

    Yes, Scottsdale needs a first class auto museum. Who can we get to pony up the cash to start it and to endow it? The car museum first on my bucket list is the Petersen in LA and the second the the NHRA museum in Pomona. I will probably get to see the Penske in Scottsdale first though.


    1. Thanks, Philip. I was serious when I wrote that Barrett-Jackson is the obvious choice to spearhead the effort to build a world-class automobile museum in Scottsdale. The company is successful, its top officers are wealthy and have connections to other wealthy people.


    2. Both of these are well worth a visit. I was able to go to both in 2019 while in LA for business. It would pay to see what the Petersen has scheduled before a visit. When I went, the feature was movie vehicles. As someone who has never been a movie fan, it wasn’t very interesting. What WAS interesting about those vehicles, was that most of them were one step from junk. Quicky construction, with I would guess serious editing, to cover up the flaws, close up vehicles that were lacking drivetrains (more creative editing was used I guess). The normal exhibits were very nice, I really liked Bruce Meyers vehicles that were displayed.

      As life long drag racing fan, the NHRA was a must. There were even displays that pre dated the formation of the NHRA. Speed equipment dating back to the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

      If I ever find myself back out there in Calfruitopia, I’ll go to both again.

      PS; You should feel free to visit Georgia, Deliverance was a movie not a way of life. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I had been in the area of the Savoy Museum while it was under construction. It’s approx 90 miles from my home and I was in the area estimating a job for our company. It’s been on my list since, but time has been my issue. I’ll be back in the area soon, hopefully I can squeeze in a visit.

    Another in the same general area is Old Car City. Part museum and part junkyard.


      1. Thanks, DDM. As I once wrote, my wonderful wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary one year by spending a week in Newport, Rhode Island. Of course, with my luck Audrain was closed that week as they were changing exhibits. We did visit the Newport museum, which is actually in Portsmouth, RI. That was the first time I was offered a job working at an automobile museum.

        “PS; You should feel free to visit Georgia, Deliverance was a movie not a way of life. ๐Ÿ™‚”

        This line is hysterical. One of the greatest moments in my life happened in Georgia. I was Director of Baseball Operations for the San Diego Padres and we defeated the Braves 4 games to 2 in the 1998 NLCS to go to the World Series. The clinching victory was in Atlanta. After the game, I stepped into the manager’s office to call the wonderful woman who has been my wife for 23+ years and left a message asking her to marry me. She didn’t take me seriously, I guess, as I didn’t receive an answer until after the World Series because we went straight to New York from Atlanta. Even then she asked me if I was serious.


  3. Rules of Logic,
    LOL! I perceive that you were serious since thou art into her 23+ years. Here is to 23+ more. Her cousin and I just celebrated 50, as I mentioned before.


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