It’s Monday

Vindication of sorts…our power went out on Saturday. Our generator did exactly what it was supposed to do: it kicked in quickly and then shut down when power was restored.

One detail: we weren’t home when this happened. Our friend and neighbor, Emily, texted my wonderful wife asking if the generator was running (it’s not quiet). When my wonderful wife replied that we weren’t home she also asked if the power was out at Emily’s house; it was.

As it turned out, the power was only out for a few minutes. Of course, I still had to reset some clocks at home. Also, when I did my laundry yesterday both the washer and dryer displayed a message about the power having failed.

The population of metro Phoenix has increased five-fold since 1970. The electrical infrastructure is not five times as robust. My wonderful wife did not really want to install a whole-home backup generator, but kept her word after we had a long power outage (five hours) last monsoon season. I expect power outages to be more frequent in the future and am VERY glad we have the generator. Maybe, maybe, some decisions I’ve made post-career apocalypse have worked out.


The list of Hall of Very Good Cars I am scribbling in the notebook on my office desk has already reached 17 cars. I am not putting a limit on the list. As of now, all of the cars have been mentioned in this blog. I am trying to include some automobiles that have not been shown previously, but after 1,400+ posts I have written about a lot of cars.

Speaking of this list, it was on this day in 1957 that General Motors applied for a trademark for the name “Impala.” Are you tired of looking at the 1958 Chevrolet Impala? Too bad, it’s my blog.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The rest of this post is being written about an hour after the previous material. I was so hungry that I could literally not concentrate enough to keep writing. I woke up my wonderful wife and we went to breakfast.

Why was I so hungry? I am really pushing myself on the treadmill. I worked out Monday, Wednesday, Friday and yesterday averaging about an hour per session. That’s almost 16 miles walking at close to 4 miles per hour uphill all the way. Combine that with the fact that I can’t/don’t eat dinner and maybe you can imagine how hungry I was this morning.

While at breakfast we ran into our neighbor, Bill. He owns a 2022 C8 Corvette convertible. Bill graciously offered us the opportunity to ride in/drive his car. I passed, but my wonderful wife drove his car and came away quite impressed. Impressed enough to trade in her 2018 Corvette for a C8? I don’t know.

Oh, while the three of us were talking I noticed at least three people take a long look at my Cascada as they walked past it in the parking lot. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder–I really do believe that, by the way–but I think if circumstances had been different the Cascada would have sold many more units. In addition, for American drivers, many of whom are obsessed with power figures (guilty as charged, at least some of the time), 200 HP/207 LB-FT of torque in a 3,900 pound automobile probably left many cold who may have been considering the car.

Even though my Z06 has spent most of the last ten weeks in the shop, I am still glad to own it. The car also satisfies my “need for speed” so the Cascada is a nice change of pace that satisfies other needs. No, I won’t show another photo of either car here.


The Threes And Sevens series will continue. I am debating whether or not to wait posting Hall of Very Good Cars until after Threes And Sevens is finished. I’m sure some of you would be fine if I posted both series simultaneously, but I think I need to “conserve” ideas. Maybe I’m wrong.






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  1. I prefer the 1959 Impala, but I will certainly accept the 1958 Impala as a substitute. I find the 1958 Chevy Delray to have a more interesting history, a one-year wonder. >grin<


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