An Unexpected Day

Light in the sky at 4 AM, that’s not unexpected just worth mentioning, in my opinion. Not enough light to take a good picture, though.


Without further ado:



Once again, without having any a priori inkling of doing so I bought a car. This is a 2019 Buick Cascada with about 16,000 miles and I will pick it up on Tuesday.

After a little bit of negotiating I paid less than $30,000 out the door, meaning with all taxes and fees. I paid less all in than the original list price, if that means anything. The car is certified pre-owned. What does that mean? In this case, that means instead of the “bumper to bumper” warranty expiring this month, I get an extra year. Also, the car now has five years remaining on the powertrain warranty instead of the original two years. Less importantly, I receive two free oil changes/maintenance visits.

I hope I have scratched my itch for now and that the car will fill the need I perceive for a practical convertible without being yet another drain on my mental and emotional energy. I must admit the fact that this car was built in the country of my parents’ birth played a large role in the decision, as illogical and irrelevant as that might seem.

I don’t really have anything else to write today. Wish me luck.






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10 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day

  1. Not a bad looking automobile and it sounds like a pretty good deal. Little new for my taste, but I like to buy cars/trucks that are usually at least 2-3 decades old.

    Hope your automotive luck is changing and this one works out well.


  2. It’s actually not bad looking. How is the power and handling, or is that’s what the Vette is for.


    1. Thanks, MC. Yes, the Vette is for fast getaways and sharp turns. The Cascada is a cruiser mobile, for driving with the top down just for the sake of driving. Of course, with four seats and a decent-sized trunk it will function as a more practical car as well. We already have two two-seat cars; a third would not have been a wise use of resources, in our opinion. Your mileage may vary.


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