Wandering Wednesday

Turmoil reigns…


The path of least resistance is not always the best path. On the other hand, the world is complicated enough so that adding unnecessary complications is not a smart thing to do, either.


Originally, I was going to add remarks from Carol Roth and Alex Tabarrok. Roth’s comments were an indirect criticism of ESG while Tabarrok’s were about retribution, not solution, being the main aim of many “environmentalists.” I decided that nothing I write about the state of affairs in the world will make any difference at all. I am beginning to think that nothing I write in this blog, regardless of topic, makes any difference at all.






6 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday

  1. Keep writing because it makes you use your brain to think logically. We must keep stimulating our brains and also training them to benefit ourselves and others.

    You can never know how much your thinking and writing effects others, I just know that as a believer in the Jewish God, who is also the same as the Christian God, that If I do as I have learned is right, then He will use it to benefit someone else. We must all do what we know to do is right so that others are helped along in their thinking and understanding. It is that old Freedom of Speech thing which fosters thoughtful discussion and discourse.


  2. 1) I think it will always be useful because it is useful to you to have an outlet. You are a person of intellect and conviction and opinion, and I imagine you get more out of the simple act of writing those things out than you think. I could of course be wrong.
    2) I’d be sad if the blog ceased to exist. I love your stories and your tributes to people I would not otherwise have ever known. Some of my favorite posts in my time as a visitor here have been your elegies on ordinary decent human beings who impacted you and/or a particular community. In the Beowulf-era Anglo Saxon culture, the bard who thus immortalized heroes both fallen and living held as high a place in society as the heroes themselves.
    3) This blog is a useful reminder that not everyone fits neatly into one of two political boxes. I don’t, and you don’t, and we don’t match up with each other all the time. You offer evidence that politics might not be a spectrum but a sphere. That’s valuable.

    For whatever that’s worth…


    1. Thanks, Josh.

      “You offer evidence that politics might not be a spectrum but a sphere.” Actually, I imply that politics should be a sphere and not a spectrum. Your description is quite eloquent, though.


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