A Thousand Words, Part 2



Yep, the car crapped out again this morning. Ran fine on the way home from the dealer yesterday and to breakfast today, but not after breakfast. Maybe I can’t drive the car on Fridays.

This confirms to me that the car needs a new ECU. The dealer replaced the battery, the alternator (at my suggestion), the fuel rail sensor and the fuel pump; the fact that the same error occurred today means the main “brain” of the car is fried.

I did not accompany the Z06 to the dealer; I might have punched someone.







13 thoughts on “A Thousand Words, Part 2

  1. The dealer needs a new service manager, one who knows how to fix cars. He also needs to refund your payment for not fixing your car properly the last time.


    1. “He also needs to refund your payment for not fixing your car properly the last time.”

      I’ll see an elephant fly to the moon before I receive a refund.


  2. Most dealerships do not employ mechanics, they employ parts changers, “well durn, that didn’t work, gis I’ll try this here thingamabob.”

    Yes I know vehicles these days are far more complex with all the modern electronics, but if a country bumpkin like myself can work thru the problems and find the issue you would hope a dealership could also with the thousands of dollars of test equipment they have.

    Maybe you should drag it out here to Dirty Dingus McGee’s Shade Tree Mechanic’s Emporium (got every tool needed. 5, count them,5, different size hammers) and Rattle Can Paint Shop (if Rustoleum makes it, we can spray it). 🙂

    I do hope they get it back to you soon, and actually repaired.


    1. Thanks, DDM. I think my experience with this “repair” is yet another example of companies not being staffed properly, in large part because people just don’t want to work.

      The probability that I sell the Z06 is increasing every day…of course, I have to wait until it’s running.


      1. For those of us who are followers of Mike Rowe, the originator and star of “Dirty Jobs”, he echoes your sentiments of not enough technically proficient skilled workers. We keep building and selling technically complicated machinery and devices and do not generate the skilled personnel to fix them nor are we building the parts needed to complete the repairs. Every new place I go into to do business, I ask if they are having problems finding not just skilled workers but just even people willing to work. The answer is always, YES. At one place I was even asked if I wanted to apply. I declined politely.


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