Friable Friday

Friable: Adjective, easily crumbled


You don’t think it was a simple matter of downloading the pro football computer game and getting started, do you?! Of course not…first, the downloader wouldn’t open. Then, the game wouldn’t open. I sent numerous emails to the company, but didn’t hear back from them until many hours had passed.

Before I heard from the company, but hours later and in desperation, I joined a computer forum of users of this company’s football game and posted my issue. Someone who apparently has been using the pro football game for a long time suggested that my anti-virus software (in my case, PC Matic) was interfering. Sure enough, when I disabled the “Super Shield” feature, the game downloaded and ran just fine, or seemed to at least.

Oh, still no resolution to the Z06 issue(s). Maybe I’ll have the car back by the 4th of July…


A link to a piece from Why Evolution Is True: A new New York Times opinion columnist.

One of the comments resonated with me and shows, once again, that woke is a cult and that ALL people who blindly follow any ideology are practitioners of hypocrisy:


The woke readily toss the concept of “lived experience” when it requires them to acknowledge that biological women have a different lived experience than trans women. All of a sudden talking about lived experience is bigotry and transphobia. The hypocrisy is staggering.


I weep for the future, even though I won’t see it.


Sorry, just too distracted to write anymore today.