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Yes, the post title is a play on the title of the song “Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and the Papas. Until I have my next Hemoglobin A1C test, I will not be having any sundaes.


The situation with my Z06 is making me more depressed every day. Tomorrow will be a week the dealer has had the car. I find it inconceivable that the service department of a Chevrolet dealer cannot diagnose and fix an issue with a 2016 model in that time frame. I am also disappointed I have not had more communication from the service advisor “overseeing” the repairs. Every f*cking day…


My wonderful wife and I were returning from breakfast yesterday and I started talking about Saturn Sky Red Lines I had seen on CarGurus. Within seconds of my beginning to talk about those cars I spotted a Sky on the road. I said, “Gee, maybe that’s an omen.”

Even out here, Skys and Solstices are not common sights. I don’t really believe in omens, either, but it was a weird juxtaposition of events. Once again, a relevant picture:


See the source image


From Mecum Auctions a picture of a 2009 Sky Red Line Ruby Red Special Edition. Speaking of Mecum, I recently received a check from them reimbursing me for an overpayment of taxes on my purchase of the Flying A/Gas sign last month at the event in Glendale, Arizona. The amount was only a little more than one percent of the purchase price, but they could have kept the money and I would have never known.

My wonderful wife and I are supposed to attend the Mecum auction next month in Indianapolis. With the way things have been going recently, I am not taking that trip for granted. As of now, no Saturn Sky Red Lines–or Saturns of any kind–are consigned to that auction.



This photo is from January. I was going to show a more recent pic of a double rainbow, but the street signs at the intersection where we live were all too visible. Can’t be too careful these days…

As I have written, for a place that averages 8-9 inches of rain a year rainbows are surprisingly common. I just wish my current life fortune could match the scenery.







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5 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

  1. I’ll be interested to find out what’s up with the Z06. I think I mentioned before that before buying the Mustang, I checked out a Solstice. We decided the trunk was too small for a grocery car. The Mustang isn’t much bigger, but it is big enough, and there’s room in the back seat for overloads.

    Now that I’ve sold the Mustang, I’d like to find something different, but I still have the problem of lack of storage space. Am I willing to rent a garage? Depends on what I find.


    1. Thanks, JS. I hope to have the car back this week, but right now I’m not counting on it.

      You could buy a 6-cylinder Dodge Challenger. They have a large trunk and four seats. One could probably be purchased for $18,000-$19,000. I also think they look good. As for a ragtop, you know that such a configuration limits trunk space. A very quick nationwide look on AutoTrader found 40 convertibles at $20,000 or less, with under 45,000 miles and with no prior accidents. I’ll throw an oddball out there: the Buick Cascada. I thought it rode well even though it’s not a power monster. It has four seats and a trunk of over 13 cubic feet in capacity. I also think they look good.


      1. I once saw a Cascada convertible in the gym parking lot in Goodyear. First I’d even heard of them.
        I really like that swept back windscreen. (I looked up some images online to remind me what they look like.)


  2. The ZO6 had a power surge on shut down which caused to engine ECU to believe the car is running when it is not. It will probably take a new ECU and key FOB programming to get it started again……but it does take time to diagnose an electrical gremlin so am not concerned nor surprised it is taking some time to fix.


    1. Thanks, Bob. (Bob is a friend of my wonderful wife and me who graciously brought his OBD reader to assess my Z06 when the issue first arose.) What worries me is not only the length of time it’s taken to diagnose/fix the issue, but that something else could be an underlying cause, like a faulty voltage regulator. After the car starts, the alternator powers all of the electrical systems.


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