It Never Ends!…

I have to go to the Mayo Clinic for testing today. Even though my Z06 ran fine this morning when my wonderful wife and I went to breakfast, it will not start now! An “Engine Power Is Reduced” message appears on the DIC. Yes, I know: this means the ECU or some other sensor has gone bad.

When does the bullshit end?! Only when I die?! I am beyond fed up…






9 thoughts on “It Never Ends!…

  1. I have dealt with mechanical/electrical failures in both my personal and professional life since as far back as I can remember. Professionally working in industrial maintenance and personally with old POS cars in my younger days. Most all problems show up with no warning and at an inopportune time. In my younger days I would become seriously frustrated, but learned to “roll with it” over the years. If I pulled out a hair every time a vehicle gave me problems, I would have less hair than a baby’s butt.

    Murphy’s law; If it can go wrong, it will.
    McGees theory; Murphy was an optimist.


      1. Will the dealer work on your car with the modifications you have done? Might have to take it to the tuner if they modified the ECU.


      2. I am (dangerously) assuming the dealer will do the work and I am assuming the ECU will have to be replaced. The only “drawback” is that the car will be returned to stock tune. Giving up 10-15 HP, but not having to make a 35-mile round trip to the closest place that sells race gas AND pay $8/gallon for 95 Octane is a good trade-off for me right now.


  2. I’m sure you’ll be sharing what you found out with your engine problem. Concur on the $8/gallon gas… but then, that’s coming from someone who drives a hybrid. >grin<


    1. Thanks, JS. I also appreciate the comments that add knowledge to the conversation in this blog. I also still have no idea what’s wrong with the Z06 even though the Chevy dealer has had the car for three days.


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