Wayfaring Wednesday

Don’t ask me to explain my penchant for alliteration. It’s part of the package, I guess.


Two links from Why Evolution Is True:

Science “studies” helping bring down science

The beginning of this piece:


“Those of us who want our science free of ideology can only stand by helplessly as we watch physics, chemistry, and biology crumble from within as the termites of Wokeism nibble away. I once thought that scientists, whom I presumed would be less concerned than humanities professors with ideological pollution (after all, we do have some objective facts to argue about), would be largely immune to Wokeism.

I was wrong, of course. It turns out that scientists are human beings after all, and with that goes the desire for the approbation of one’s peers and of society. And you don’t get that if you’re deemed a racist. You can even be criticized from holding yourself away from the fray, preferring to do science than engage in social engineering.”


Strange reporting of a terrorist attack that killed three Israelis

The last paragraph:


“There’s no doubt that anti-Semitism is on the rise in America, particularly among “progressive” liberals, who increasingly sympathize with Palestinians because they are seen as “people of color”. U.S. legislators like [The “Squad”–I refuse to mention those cretins by name] regularly laud Palestine and demonize Israel—also supporting the anti-Semitic BDS movement. And much of the U.S. media, increasingly populated by young journalists with “progressive” sentiments, echo this hatred. Is this the way liberals should behave: lauding those who kill civilians and then celebrating it?”


Remember that the author of Why Evolution Is True identifies as a liberal. While hatred of Jews is rampant among the neo-Nazi segment of the far right in the US, it is growing much faster among the clueless so-called “progressives” who are actually nothing of the sort. My contempt for all of them burns with the heat of a million suns.


From this piece comes this chart:


MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
CHEVROLET CORVETTE +33.28% 8,811 6,611 68% 52%
PORSCHE 911 -23.69% 2,123 2,782 17% 22%
MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT -22.28% 942 1,212 7% 10%
PORSCHE 718 -48.07% 782 1,506 6% 12%
AUDI R8 -54.04% 68 148 1% 1%
NISSAN GT-R 0.00% 50 50 0% 0%
ACURA NSX +318.18% 46 11 0% 0%
FORD GT +9.09% 36 33 0% 0%
BMW I8 -50.19% 4 8 0% 0%
MERCEDES-BENZ SL-CLASS -99.35% 2 311 0% 0%
TOTAL +1.52% 12,864 12,672


This chart shows sales in the “premium sports car” segment. Of course, one can argue that the Corvette is priced so much less than the other cars that any other result would be an indictment of it. I also would like to see a similar chart for the first years of the C7 Corvette as a comparison.

Still, it is interesting to see that the Corvette gained significant market share from 2021 to 2022. Where we live C8 Corvettes are quite common. It’s almost as if at least half of the C8s ever built are owned by people within a 20-mile radius of our house. One person whose front door can’t be more than 250 feet from ours has a C8.


See the source image


As much as I appreciate the bold move to a mid-engine architecture and the car’s performance, the more I see them the less I like the look. The rear end, in particular, is just ungainly. Yes, I have expressed these sentiments before. For the nth time, a mid-engine car almost always has certain design elements that move away from the classic long hood/short deck appearance.

I would like to read your thoughts on the C8 Corvette. Thanks.







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4 thoughts on “Wayfaring Wednesday

  1. It is long past time for the Christians to strongly speak out against the anti-Semitism against our Jewish friends and neighbors. The basis for both faiths is centered upon the worship of the same God. Christians should also work to vote out of office the anti-Semitic members of Congress or any other political office.

    As far as the design of the C8 goes, I like the general lines of the car, except for the contrasting color panels like those around the side scoops for the radiator cooling air. My entire design philosophy is to keep it simple. It is better to be understated rather than be overstated and flashy. A subtle design statement will create a longer-lasting memory much better than a smack in the face.

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