Threadbare Thursday

I am not a patient person, by nature. That trait is one of my biggest flaws. Still, I could have the so-called “patience of Job” and be dismayed at the twists and turns of my life in the last 10-12 years. Once again, those who believe that everyone gets what they deserve need operations to have their heads removed from their rectums. No one is keeping score.


Maybe this picture of Lauren Bostwick will make me smile:



This fact does not make me smile:


The European Union has paid $38 billion for Russia energy since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, a top EU official said Wednesday, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The EU, and particularly Germany, have basically given up their sovereignty to Russia. That’s why economic sanctions are a paper tiger.


Take a deep breath…for something more calming:



Even though we don’t receive much rain here, rainbows are a surprisingly common sight. When I took this photo I don’t think it had rained at our house nor did it rain later that day. Note the sun shining on The Boulders in the lower right. Yes, The Boulders is capitalized as it marks the feature for which the resort at that location is named.


Maybe some of you were expecting the first installment of the “Threes And Sevens” series today. I am 99% sure it will not start with 1903. I want to have fewer than 20 posts in the series and really have no interest in brass era cars. Actually, I am 99.9% sure what year will start the series. You’ll have to read the first post to find out.


If I increase the minimum mileage from 45,000 to 60,000 and make it a nationwide search, I can find Jaguar F-Type convertibles listed for less than $40,000. One that looks like this in AutoTrader has 58,000 miles and is listed for $37,491.


See the source image


That’s still a lot of money for a “toy,” but it would mean I am sticking to picking cars from one of my Ultimate Garages and it would make my wonderful wife happy as she loves Jaguars. As I wrote in a comment to Mark, any new cars may have to wait for our next house, which will have no fewer than four garage spaces and, hopefully, five. I’ve never seen a U-Haul at the cemetery.








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