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We are Cadillac owners no more. The at-fault driver’s insurance company refused to pay for the additional damage, so we decided to sell the 2015 ATS. Here is the last time you will see the car in this blog.



Thanks to the efforts of my wonderful wife we received an amount very similar to the amount we paid for the car in January of 2021, despite its having been in an accident in August of 2021. On the other hand, I was willing to accept a far lower offer from the Cadillac dealer whose service department performed the 60,000-mile service.

While the disparity in offers has permanently soured us on ever using the local Cadillac dealer again, and may have turned me off to the brand in general, my willingness to capitulate is, sadly, a manifestation that I have no fight left in me. Life has defeated me; I have been kicked in the shins–metaphorically, of course–far too often.

I am beyond disenchanted that I am still the smartest person in the room in virtually every room, but am no longer invited to any. I am beyond frustrated that people I have mentored and worked with are rich and famous while I am forgotten.

I am not poor and I do not want fame for fame’s sake, but being famous opens doors. If my place in baseball history were commensurate with my contributions, I can’t help but think that I would have found a satisfying and fulfilling career post-baseball.

Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Maybe in my case, that should read limped a mile…


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I don’t care that Roe Jogan is a highly-paid “entertainer” and that he could kick my ass in a fight. The fact that he is popular and influential despite being an ass clown is yet another indictment of the ignorance of the American public.


OK, so if I am really never going to buy another Cadillac (I’m not sure about that, actually; just go with me for now) and want a companion for my Z06, what is on the table? I have warmed up to the idea, no pun intended, of buying a convertible. By the way, despite the newly available space in the garage, such a purchase is in the future, if it happens at all.

In Arizona, one can drive with the top down in every month. During my tenure as the owner of a BMW Z4 I learned that al fresco driving is quite enjoyable.

I would love to own a Jaguar F-Type convertible, a member of my Ultimate Garage 3.0, but even used ones are just too expensive to be considered for what will really be a 3,500 pound toy. On AutoTrader, the least expensive F-Type convertible within 50 miles of here and with fewer than 45,000 miles is listed at $42,990.

What if I wanted to spend no more than half that amount for a non-Cadillac convertible? How about this?


See the source image


Yes, I have written that the interior of the Saturn Sky was small and felt cheap and those are the reasons I have never included the car in an Ultimate Garage. How about a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. How about I have dreams, but I live in the real world.

Well, all I can convey is that the sight of one of these always stops me in my tracks. I would have to have the car in Red Line spec, meaning it’s powered by a 2-liter turbocharged engine that produces 260 HP/260 LB-FT of torque. On AutoTrader, not many are available but a 2008 model with about 32,000 miles and an automatic transmission–in Arizona, no less–is listed for $17,990.

I would very much like to read your opinions on what has transpired with the ATS, on the Sky Red Line, or any other “relevant” topic. Thanks.







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4 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday

  1. Ok, I can’t resist.
    You a want to drive a Cadillac, learn how to drive. You want to get Eben with someone…

    How exciting you have the opportunity to buy a new car. Remember, one life, so many cars. I’m sure you will find something that young ______ on Crest Heights Avenue only dreamed about.


  2. That really sucks considering the time and effort to decide on and purchase the Caddy. But yes it is an opportunity to find something different.
    Sad how a dealer’s actions can sour a customer on their product. I know many operate on the idea for every pissed off client who leaves them, there’s a client who’ll buy from them because they’re pissed at someone else.


    1. Thanks, Mark. Scottsdale, Arizona is now 0-for-2 with GM dealers; I received very poor service from the local Chevrolet dealer, also, and no longer use them.

      As for an automobile acquisition, this only increases my desire for at least four garage spaces, if not five. That will have to wait until the next house, which means the “new” car may have to wait as well.

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