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I thought of a less draconian solution than unplugging the TV for our current Hulu issue of its refusing to load properly. I make sure to sign off out of the app when finished watching instead of just turning off the TV. So far, that seems to work. Why that’s only become necessary in the last couple of weeks, I have no idea.

I guess streaming TV is still having teething pains. I know people who have issues like buffering and crashing with their services. We are still having issues with our cloud-based DVR although it will soon be upgraded to unlimited storage; well, unlimited with a 9-month time limit on watching recorded shows. Saving shows indefinitely will be a thing of the past.

I would like to hear from you if you use streaming TV services and if you are experiencing any issues.


The Chinese government opposes what it calls “unilateral” sanctions, which it defines as sanctions not directly enacted by the United Nations. Well, of course they would take that position since China has veto power in the UN Security Council along with Russia.

The Chinese government is no one’s ally except Russia. The people in this country who admire Chinese “leadership” are beyond clueless.


I have decided to “cheat” regarding the Cars A To Z series. (Yes, I know I wrote I would post the “V Car” yesterday. The best-laid plans of mice and men…) The “V Car” and the “W Car” will each get their own post, but the “X” “Y” and “Z” cars will be in one post.

In this way, I still might be able to finish the series by the end of this month. If not, the series should end no later than April 4-5.


I don’t know why, but this post from June of 2020 is receiving views today. The post, Solstice Drive, is about my annual drive early in the morning around the time of the summer solstice and of my inability/unwillingness to stop to take photos along the way. Here is a stock photo I used in the post:


See the source image


The first-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo is not, and never will be, a contender for any Ultimate Garage of mine, but I am a big fan of the car, nevertheless. So many CARS, just one life…








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  1. The only ally of the Chinese Government on the mainland is the Chinese Communist Party. Russia will end up receiving the lowest prices possible for their commodities like wheat, oil and natural gas. They will also end up a vassel state to the CCP. China has a serious food problem in that the yield on their winter wheat crop was very poor this year. Russia is the largest producer of wheat in the world, with the US second, China third and Ukraine fourth. The Russian and Ukrainian wheat crop yields will suffer seriously from the war. The world, especially China, will have a very hungry year.

    We do not use a streaming service…..yet. Before we do that, the internet service will need to be upgraded in speed and that will require a major revision to the services from out provider. One absolute for whatever streaming services we use, they will have to have access to the PAC-12 Network. If they do not provide that channel, it is a no go.


  2. I’m sorry I cannot give any insight into why your Hulu is acting up, though I’m glad you’ve found a fix at least temporarily.
    I’m not really a big user of streaming. My guilty pleasure was Coronation Street, which is broadcast on regular CBC (about 2 weeks behind of the UK). It got shifted due to Olympics and I haven’t picked it up again, but I could to CBC’s free streaming app. We do have Disney+ and a service called Crave (both on promotion from my cable provider) and we watch a few movies. We also share someone’s Netflix account which i guess will end soon. My girlfriend is a much bigger consumer of streaming – she enjoys watching certain series over and over. Actually, many of them she uses as background noise as she sleeps at night.
    I won’t say streaming is without merit. There’s been a few series I’ve dropped due to schedules or I missed a number of shows, and I could pick them up again using streaming (one was Mad Men, watched the whole thing, missed the last 3 episodes and managed to watch them by streaming).
    Sorry, long response, but I just wanted to note that when streaming was getting started, almost everyone kept saying how much money they were saving over cable, and they’d never go back etc etc. Now, I hear because so many ‘good’ shows are on different services, people are subscribed to 9 or a dozen services and probably paying more than they ever did with cable.


    1. Thanks, Mark. Your point about streaming not being the money saver many thought it would be is well made. One reason we don’t subscribe to multiple streaming services is to keep our monthly cost down. (Amazon Prime Video comes with Prime membership. We subscribed before we went to streaming.) Compared to what the local cable/internet company charges for its own version of streaming TV, we save about 50%.

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