Not Sad To Read This News

You may be aware of a giant cargo ship that caught on fire and ran aground near Portugal. You may also be aware that the ship has sunk.

The cargo consisted of about 4,000 vehicles built by Volkswagen AG, AKA The Shitlermobile Company, on their way to North America. I don’t really believe in karma, but the sinking of the cargo ship (the Felicity Ace, no crew were hurt) makes me happy. Call me an angry old man; I don’t care.

That company was founded by Shitler himself. No statute of limitations exists on genocide, mass murder and unspeakable evil. As regular readers know, my parents were Holocaust survivors. My father watched his family murdered by Nazi troops. My contempt for that company burns with the heat of a million suns. That will NEVER change as long as I am alive.


I am still contemplating a long hiatus from blogging. Perhaps short breaks, which may be necessary this month due to numerous commitments, will do the trick. This picture will tip you off as to the nature of one of those commitments:



Two weeks from yesterday the Mecum auction from Glendale, Arizona will begin. We attended two years ago not as Arizona residents although we knew by then we would be living here in the not too distant future. As it turned out, we moved here about 7 1/2 months after that auction.

We didn’t attend last year’s event because we were not fully vaccinated. We are really looking forward to being at the Mecum auction. I will be tempted by a 1993 Cadillac Allante that has recently been consigned, but with what’s happening in the car market at present coupled with our lack of a place to store the car, I assess the odds of purchase at almost zero. This picture (not from Mecum) is a 1993 Allante in Pearl Flax, the color of the Mecum car:


See the source image


Here are the highlights from the Mecum listing:


  • 1 of only 89 finished in Pearl Flax
  • 18,000 miles
  • Highly original condition including tires
  • Pinifarina design
  • 4.6L 32V Northstar V-8 engine
  • Automatic transmission with overdrive
  • Road sensing suspension
  • Removable hardtop
  • Digital dash
  • Chrome wheels
  • Two Time – National 1st place winner
  • Books, records, manuals and accoutrements provided.
  • Car cover
  • Coordinated-color chairs
  • Extra keys
  • Delivered new to Jack Schmitt Oldsmobile Cadillac in O’Fallon, Illinois


If that car hammers for less than $20,000 I will be surprised, even though two ’93 Allantes sold at Kissimmee in January for $11,000 and $15,400 all in. However, a third ’93 Allante with just 13,000 miles sold at $27,500 all in.

I remember a 1990 Allante offered at the Mecum auction in Denver in 2018. That car sold, all in, for $1,650. No, I did not leave out a digit. I think the ’93s are the most desirable because that is the only year the 295 HP Northstar engine was offered.

Believe it or not, a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk (a 1962 model) is also consigned to the auction, but since it has a manual transmission I will not be bidding. Do you remember what my left foot looks like? Do you know that I have arthritis in my left knee? Case closed…







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