You didn’t think I would use anything else for today’s post title, did you? In all honesty, the opportunity to use 2-22-22 is the only reason I am writing today.


Do I have a take on the Ukraine situation? How about evil is as evil does. The previous president’s infatuation with the Russian dictator–face it, that’s what he is–was perhaps the worst part of his presidency, at least in my opinion.


I don’t know why I waited so long, but yesterday I finally swapped out my new computer keyboard for my old one. When I had to replace my old computer in late November, the keyboard that came with the new computer was just too small with not enough space between the keys. The constant mistyping that resulted probably made writing each post take 20% longer. Finally, I had had enough and made the switch yesterday, a small victory over the forces of evil. Which brings me to this: I don’t trust anyone I don’t know and I don’t trust everyone I do know. Sorry, that’s what life’s experiences tell me is the best way to protect myself.


Sorry, but the writing well is dry today.





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  1. I am adjusting to a new keyboard as well. Unfortunately, my old one is tied to a laptop. I may just have to spring for a different keyboard, but I am concerned that the new one won’t be any better than the one on my newest computer.


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