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OK…granting I didn’t post yesterday, but the day had the fewest number of blog views in at least two years. Only two days this month have had views even approach the average number of daily views from October, 2020 through January, 2022.

Maybe it’s a case of the damn virus giveth and the damn virus taketh away. The first quantum leap up in views and visitors happened in April of 2020. We all know what was happening then. As the situation “normalizes” maybe people are spending much less time reading blogs.

While I started writing a blog many years ago primarily for my own benefit, once a decent sized following develops it is very disheartening to see that following erode. Once the calendar turned to February, 30%-35% of readers seem to have disappeared.

For the nth time, if you’re still reading you can’t tell me why you stopped reading. Yes, it is considered bad form to complain about the number of readers for a blog. Still, the numbers are what they are and they are disappointing.


Another bad dream…I dreamt I was working in a large office. I suddenly realized I had lost my new smartphone. I started wandering around the office trying to find it. No one seemed the least bit interested in my situation.

I went back to my desk to check my email and I had received communication from my company that I was under investigation because I had lost my company smartphone. I was incredulous in the dream although I’m not sure if it was because I had never had a company phone or because I knew where that phone was.

I resumed wandering around the office in search of my phone only to be stopped by a man in uniform, a security guard, I guess. He also mentioned my missing company smartphone and hinted grave consequences would result if I did not resolve the situation. At this point I became furious and began screaming at him that I did not lose my company smartphone, but I had lost my personal phone. At that point, I woke up from the dream.

Basically, I have not worked in an office for a decade. Yet, I still have dreams about working in an office and these dreams are never pleasant. One recurring dream is that I am no longer working for a company (not anyplace specific, though), but have decided to go to “work” and see if I can “squat” in an empty office. Usually, but not always, I am not recognized and am able to find an empty office. I am anxious in these dreams, worrying about whether or not I will be caught.


Yesterday the monthly Cars And Coffee event was held at the Penske “complex.” As I have written before, most luxury makes are available for sale here and it is also the home of the Penske Racing Museum. Diving into minutia…the dealerships on the east side of the complex whose front doors face east have a Scottsdale zip code while the dealerships further west whose front doors face north have a Phoenix zip code.

My wonderful wife and I attended although we only stayed for about a half hour. As always, an impressive collection of both cars for sale and personal cars could be seen. To wit:



Yes, these are three pictures of the legendary Lamborghini Countach. In this case, the car is a 25th Anniversary model meaning it is a 1989 car. The 25th Anniversary designation referred to Lamborghini’s 25th anniversary producing sports cars and not to the Countach itself.



The low angle of the early morning sun made it impossible to take a photo of this Pagani Huayra from another perspective. As the plate indicates, this was someone’s personal car. The Huayra is a very limited edition automobile although with all of the variants the actual production number is difficult to ascertain. It is certainly far fewer than 1,000 units.



I thought this Nissan GT-R looked particularly sharp. Do any of you have any strong opinions about this car, or the GT-R in general, you’d like to share?



Hope you enjoyed the photos and the post. Once again, please feel free to submit thoughtful comments, to tell your friends about this blog and to click on any ad in which you have genuine interest.






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2 thoughts on “Penske Pics

  1. My next trip to Phoenix should include a visit to the Penske Museum.

    The USPS and their zip code boundaries do not match the actual city boundaries. As an example my own zip code includes areas within the Tucson city limits and unincorporated areas. We live in the county but gladly do not live within the city limits. It matters a whole lot when it comes to property taxes. When it comes to sales taxes levied on internet purchases it is a crap shoot depending on which sales tax service your vendor uses. My combined State and County sales tax is 6.1%, whereas if I lived within the City of Tucson the total combined would be 8.7%. Big online retailers generally only charge me the 6.1% while many of the smaller vendors will charge the 8.7% or some contrived percentage their sales tax service figures out. Amazingly, I recently purchased from an Etsy seller in Kyiv, Ukraine, a hand made chess set and through his United States agent and PayPal the sales tax was only the 6.1%. It is amazing what you can find on the Internet.


    1. Thanks, Philip. Yes, zip code boundaries don’t match city boundaries. However, in the case of the Penske dealerships, some of them have a Scottsdale Road address in Scottsdale and others have a Chauncey Lane address in Phoenix.


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