Random “Real Time” Pics

OK, I am not actually taking photos while I write this post. What I am doing, though, is deciding which pictures to send from my phone to my computer and to my WordPress media library while I am writing this post. This is very freeform, but I thought it would be an interesting way to create a blog post.



On the right is Four Peaks, a well-known landmark here.



No doubt, this is an idiosyncratic photo choice. This is the front door of a house my wonderful wife and I really liked during our all too brief house hunting excursion in September, 2020. The photo was just taken a few days ago during our first trip back to that neighborhood since moving here. The house is in a gated community.

Suddenly, I thought I remembered the gate code so we drove there after breakfast. Luck was with us as another car opened the gate as we arrived. Did I remember the code correctly? I guess we’ll have to find out some time in the future. Oh, a C7 Corvette was parked on the property. We would have had two such vehicles parked there on a regular basis, of course, if we had purchased the house.

We didn’t buy the house because it would have cost us 25%+ more than the one we ultimately purchased and, believe it or not, it didn’t have enough rooms. It is a 3-bedroom house with no office or den. My wonderful wife needs an office, as do I, we need a room for the treadmill and at least one guest bedroom. It was a very nice house, though, and was one of two or three that we saw a second time during our whirlwind three days of house hunting. Weirdo that I am, one of the appealing features of this house is that it has a house number in five figures. Why was that appealing? Our house in the mid-Atlantic had an address in one figure. I thought it would be neat to move from one “extreme” to the other.



This recent picture was taken in our backyard. Weather geek that I am I had to have something that showed the outside temperature and humidity. The humidity readings are, no doubt, affected by the proximity of the clock to the pool. How much the pool affects the temperature readings is beyond me, though. Note the 36° reading and how that resides in the “Cold” part of the temperature spectrum, according to this device.



I think that is Venus in the southeast sky before sunrise a few days ago. I have been thinking more and more about buying a telescope.


Hope you have enjoyed this stream of consciousness post. Does stream of consciousness imply consciousness?





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  1. When you decide to purchase a telescope, talk to my son and his wife as they are amateur astronomers and are knowledgeable about quality telescopes. They both attended the University of Arizona Alumni Assoc. Astronomy Camp when they were in high school. That is where they met. They still observe with their instruments, time permitting. The University Astronomy Department operates numerous telescopes and has programs for interested people to view at their Mt. Lemmon observatory. They also operate the Mirror Lab where they cast mirrors for research telescopes around the world.

    Your swimming pool will have an influence on your backyard weather. The large volume of water is basically a heat sink. The big mass of water will not change temperature very rapidly thus affecting the ambient temperature in your backyard space. The bigger influence will be the evaporation from the pool. Because of the high temperatures in Arizona, you will evaporate about the volume of the pool water in a year. So, 8000 gallons of water from a pool that size in a year. The evaporation process is a complicated series of equations.

    All weather geeks need to know about this site for Arizona weather:

    It is the weather data site for the University of Arizona College of Agriculture as their research in weather related to agriculture. Enjoy.


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