First…perhaps it’s because she’s busy shooting her new HGTV series, Steal This House!, but Cristy Lee has been quite scarce on our TV in recent months. Believe it or not, I do not have a subscription to Motor Trend+. This lovely young woman reminds me of Ms. Lee. What do you think?



This is Lauren Bostwick of WeatherNation. As I’m sure I have written, I have been a weather geek since childhood. If TV channels like WeatherNation had existed when I was a teenager, I might still be in high school.


Second…yet another strange dream. I dreamt I was at an automobile auction and as the event was wrapping up I realized that I had misplaced all of my belongings. I began to desperately wander around the building and then outside the building, where the last sliver of daylight was being squeezed from the sky. I don’t remember if this encounter was before or after I went outside, but I ran into three people with whom I had attended high school. I sat down near them in the hopes at least one would help me find my things. Although they acknowledged my presence, they were engrossed in a conversation where two of them were telling the third how they would build the latter’s Chevrolet Corvair project car. I realized they were not going to help me.

One would think that at my age these dreams of desperation would no longer occur. I can understand dreams about being late to class while one is attending college and about not being able to find your abode early in your working life. For the nth time, it is hell to live inside my brain.


OK, why did I call today’s post Finally…? Here’s why:



Yes, I was finally able to see and to photograph the new Maserati MC20. (Of course, this car is already sold.) While in person the exterior design is more reminiscent of the “classic” mid-engine look than it appears in photographs I had seen, I still think the car looks great. Of course, I have been a Maserati “guy” even longer than I have been a weather geek. Here are some more photos from the visit my wonderful wife and I made to the Penske “complex” yesterday.



Two young men, I’m guessing in their 20s, were oohing and aahing over this car, a Nissan GT-R. For a brief moment, I was tempted to walk over there to tell them about the car, but I realized it was highly unlikely they would care.



Unlike many other car dealerships I have visited recently, the Penske dealers seemed, for the most part, to have decent inventory. Money talks and bullsh*t walks?







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8 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. While that Maserati is a truly cool car, my personal taste trends me toward the beautiful “old school” lines of that Jaguar. Different strokes…
    Nice post. I am going to have to visit there sometime before we head north again.


  2. Weather geeks of the world, unite.

    In 1989 I changed jobs and bought a duplex in a small town. After getting cable I discovered a channel called… The Weather Channel. It was like the clouds had parted and the angels sang. I had been traveling for the previous 3 years and figuring out the weather in various parts of the country was a crapshoot at best. There were times when I would arrive at a location and find I was seriously unprepared for the local weather. For a long time TWC was the main channel watched on my TV. These days, not so much. Unless there is a major storm system (EVERYONE PANIC), in the evening they run some junky “reality” shows. I don’t care about tow trucks in Canada, gold miners or why planes crash. Luckily there are options these days. The local cable company also carries Accuweather which doesn’t stray from its name.

    Mo betta. 🙂


    1. Thanks, DDM. For me as well first discovering The Weather Channel was a revelation (that was also the late 1980s for me). However, I also grew tired of its non-weather programming. In any event, I no longer have access to TWC and probably wouldn’t watch if I did.

      Despite the presence of the lovely Ms. Bostwick, I don’t watch WeatherNation that much, maybe 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a day.


      1. About the only time I keep a weather channel playing is if there is severe weather in my area. Other than that if I’m getting ready for some travel just to see what clothing I need to pack.


  3. When I saw the Maserati I outwardly exclaimed “WTF is that!?!” Good thing the wife isn’t working from home today. I forget how to say “how beautiful” in Italian, but it is.

    Not to be piggish, but a person of means would buy two of those, drive one 80% of the time, drive the second 20% of the time to keep the seals et al in good shape, and in 10-15 years sell the lesser used one.


    1. Thanks, Doc. I believe “how beautiful” in Italian is che bello or maybe que bella.

      Unfortunately, the only realistic way I could acquire an MC20 is to sell my Z06, which I am not going to do. Besides, I’d have to wait at least a year for a 2023 model. Also, since I am about to pony up more than $10k for a brake job (carbon ceramic rotors are not cheap) for the Z06 I’m not going to spend that money and then sell the car.


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