I’m Out Of Touch, Barrett-Jackson Edition

OK, I guess I just have no idea what’s going on. The car immediately below hammered today for $75,000, which is $82,500 all in.




How much did this vehicle bring on the auction block today?


1957 VOLVO TP21 CUSTOM SUV - Front 3/4 - 251341


This box on wheels hammered for $205,000, which is $225,500 all in! Yes, these are just one example of each, but does the collector “car market” really value some 1957 Volvo SUV at almost three times a beautiful 2011 Aston Martin convertible? I’m sorry, but that just makes no sense to me. I don’t care how customized the Volvo is.

I commented at one point today to my wonderful wife that the non-stop parade of pickup trucks and SUVs almost makes me not want to attend this auction anymore, even though tomorrow is “Super Saturday” and there will be lots auctioned on Sunday as well.

One result that pleased me, at least a little, is the price fetched by this car yesterday:



This 2018 Corvette Z06 with 12,000 miles and no Z07 package (my car is a 2016 model with 14,000 miles AND the Z07 package) hammered at $92,000 or $101,200 all in. Maybe the newer model with slightly fewer miles is worth more, but the lack of the Z07 option (with its $7,995 price in 2016 and 2018) has to at least partly mitigate the year and mileage. Yes, the car has an automatic transmission just like mine. Yes, this is the same auction event that produced $200,000+ for a box on wheels. Still, since I paid in the low 60s for mine I guess I did OK. No, I would not sell it for $100,000.

I think I need smelling salts…





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4 thoughts on “I’m Out Of Touch, Barrett-Jackson Edition

  1. That has been our running commentary this week, the extreme prices for cars. What the market will bear is outrageous. For those who can afford it, it’s just a shrug.
    However that price for the AM was not bad. The question is whether these prices are the new floor? This where love comes into play. Happy hunting!


    1. Thanks, Doc. You’re right about the Aston price as it was not bad at all. However, that lot is an exception and the fact that it brought only about a third of that Volvo monstrosity just boggles my mind. There really is no accounting for taste.

      It is EXTREMELY unlikely that I will buy a car here despite having a bidders badge and a decent bid limit. One good thing about creating and publishing Ultimate Garages is that it really focuses my “efforts” into a very small number of cars I MIGHT buy.


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