100 Tacos

After eating 16 Jack In The Box tacos during our first 21 days in Arizona I figured 100, 200, hell 1,000 tacos would not be far behind. By the way, 16 tacos every 21 days would equate to 278 a year. Oh, over a half billion Jack In The Box tacos are eaten every year in the US and the chain has locations in only 21 states.

I did not eat my 100th taco until yesterday. As a frame of reference, my wonderful wife and I have been living in Arizona for almost 15 months. (Where did that time go?!) Of course, I have been keeping track of the tacos. Can you say OCD math nerd?!

I guess the novelty wore off. I still really like those tacos. I don’t eat with anyone’s mouth, olfactory apparatus and brain except mine. Spare me the “Eww, how can you eat those? They aren’t real tacos.”

Whether I continue to keep a running taco count is anyone’s guess. By the way, one Jack In The Box taco has 190 calories, 11 grams of fat, 17 grams of carbohydrates including 3 grams of sugar and 6 grams of protein. Not a terribly nutritious food, but not the worst thing one could eat, either.

I never remember to take a picture of those tacos, so here’s one from the Internet.


See the source image


As a concession to age and my sensitive GI tract, I order the tacos without the sauce that is now too spicy for me to consume.

I have been a taco eater for a long time. From the time I was about 14 until I graduated from college at 21, I would often make tacos at home using an Old El Paso “kit.” In college, a local restaurant (El Sombrero, long gone) had an all you could eat taco night every Tuesday for $4.99. I regularly ate 10 or 12. Ah yes, the wonders of youth. (The unofficial record there was 26 by a University of Delaware football player. What a surprise…)

However, my taco fandom began with Jack In The Box, probably at about the age of 10. Telling this story again, a Jack In The Box location was right next to the library I frequented quite often. It was quite rare that I would go to the library to borrow/return books and not stop there.

The best tacos I have ever eaten were short rib tacos made by yours truly. I just don’t have the patience to cook anymore. With my wonderful wife now retired, maybe we will both start cooking more at home.


While, technically, the big Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale begins tomorrow, vehicle sales will not start until Monday. Given the overwhelming success of the recently concluded Mecum auction in Kissimmee, Florida, I imagine expectations are quite high for the Barrett-Jackson event.

As I have written before, no Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawks or Cadillac Allantes are being offered. As for other Ultimate Garage members, two 1965 Buick Rivieras are on the docket. One seems stock while the other is customized. Here is a picture of the stock automobile:


1965 BUICK RIVIERA - Front 3/4 - 252751


We have no room at the inn and we’re about to spend a decent chunk of change on the second half of the outlay for our whole-home backup generator that will be installed the second week in February. Still, one can dream…







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6 thoughts on “100 Tacos

  1. Having lived in Arizona since the age of 4 and having a wife who is a third generation native Arizonan, tacos are also an essential menu item. Spicy foods do not bother us so jalapenos and diced green chilies are constant pantry items as well as refried beans. Bean tostadas are a regular dinner item being easy to fix quickly. I have my own home made chili powder blend as well. When you come to visit, we would go out to eat as a home cooked meal here would be a huge discomfort to your system. Old El Paso flat bottom taco shells are also used frequently for our quick taco dinners, just never their kit. The meat, spices, jalapenos, lettuce, green onions, tomatoes are all topped off with my lovely wife’s own home made salsa. We used to use ground Bison for the taco meat, that is until the food inflation drove the price to $10.00 a pound! Tacos at any number of Mexican food restaurants is always a treat, it is just that we are picky about the restaurant. Soft and or hard tortilla tacos either are okay. I have several recipes from the cable food shows that are outstanding, especially the one from the street side restaurant in Key West. Oh, I don’t believe I have ever had a Jack in the Box taco. Their Chicken Fajita Pita, frequently. And what they call “hot sauce” is not.


  2. Chili dogs. For you it’s Jack in the Box tacos, for me it’s chili dogs. Or their variants; Coney’s and New York System*. I have found Coneys in far flung locations; Tempe Az, Minneapolis MN, Key West FL and points in between. Yes, they don’t fit a diabetic diet, but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind. Last weekend I was in RI so HAD to make a stop for some “belly busters”. Only 2, the days of 4-5 are long past. Sadly.

    * https://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/rhode-island-food-tradition-new-york-system-wiener/


  3. If we are going down the road for favorite fast food, then for me it is a Whataburger double meat with jalapenos and no pickles.


    1. Thanks, Philip. When we lived in Texas we went to Whataburger a lot, but for breakfast. Their breakfast biscuit sandwiches were huge, delicious and inexpensive.


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