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Today’s post title may seem like a tautology. Of course, I am the one solely responsible for the content here. However, I think readers would be surprised at the battles I wage in my brain about whether or not to write about x or y for fear of alienating those readers.

I know this is primarily a car blog, but it has never just been a car blog. I also do not suffer from delusions of grandeur and think my blog will change people’s minds or the social discourse.

The explanation having been made, I must write about the deplorable state of affairs where so-called “mainstream” news outlets like The New York Times and BBC News have become blatantly anti-Semitic; that is, have become outright hostile to Jews. The way many news “organizations” covered the recent hostage taking in a Texas synagogue, committed by a British citizen, is disgusting and frightening. These two pieces in Why Evolution Is True (Article One, Article Two) detail the shameful way the incident was reported.

What is also disgusting and frightening is the loud minority of self-hating Jews who think the ridiculous treatment and criticisms of Jews are warranted. SHAME ON THEM! They have become captive of the ludicrous narrative of the far left.

It’s time for Jews to become more proactive and less passive about their state of affairs. While the example of boycotts and divestiture of investments from Unilever due to allowing its subsidiary, Ben and Jerry’s, to act in a blatantly anti-Semitic way in Israel is encouraging, “regular” Jews and Jewish groups have to be actively prepared to defend themselves in ways previously not considered.

Long Live The Jews!


This day in 2009 was the final day of an auction where General Motors sold approximately 200 cars from its Heritage Collection that had been housed at the appropriately named Heritage Center in Sterling, Michigan. Of course, not long after the auction General Motors filed for bankruptcy. Despite protestations to the contrary, I am convinced that GM sold off those 200 cars and accompanying documents as a way to raise cash. It is true, though, that the company did not liquidate its entire collection of historic vehicles and that collectors often “cull” the herd from time to time. Oh, I didn’t write that these were sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona and that, of course, my wonderful wife and I plan on attending the 2022 auction that starts in just four days.

Most of the vehicles were pre-production, development, concept or prototype cars. Among the vehicles sold was this one that hammered for $475,000 ($522,500 all in):


See the source image


This is the 1996 Buick Blackhawk concept car. That hardtop is removable, by the way. Here is another view:


See the source image


Yes, the Buick Blackhawk badge on the front fender shows as a “mirror” image. As is my wont, I think the Blackhawk looks much better with the hardtop in place. Do you really care about the drivetrain?

Sadly, Buick no longer even manufactures cars, only SUVs. I will go to my grave (or my urn) believing a market for interesting cars will always exist, especially in a country of 330 million people where 30 percent of households are married couples living without children.









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6 thoughts on “This Is My Blog

  1. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in this country and comes from many places. The people of this country need to rise up and speak out loudly and forcefully against this blatant racism. There should be no place, zero, place, for this type of speech, activity and hate against our Jewish citizens. I am a Christian and I stand with my Jewish family and friends against anyone who speaks and/or acts against them.

    The hostage taking in Texas was absolutely aimed at our Jewish friends in an effort to free a lawfully convicted terrorist. The perpetrator of this crime should never have been given a visa to enter this country from England based upon his criminal record.

    IMHO Buick and GM made a serious mistake to not put the Blackhawk into production. It has very sweet lines which remind me of many classic cars without being dated.


      1. If it had been produced, I would have seriously considered buying one in spite of it being a GM product said the die-hard Ford person.


      2. Yes, Philip, the Blackhawk is quite a striking design. It would have to be added to the list of concept cars that I would consider having built IF we won untold millions in a lottery.


  2. That Blackhawk is a real beauty. I’m on board with the notion that U.S. car makers are driving people to brands not made in the U.S. or to purchase used (which doesn’t help the American workers) because they don’t want an SUV.


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