More Car Pics For A Saturday

The Mecum broadcasts from Kissimmee on Motor Trend have been good for readership numbers. Yesterday, Disaffected Musings had the highest number of views and visitors in the last 30 days.

People searching for Mecum, for Barrett-Jackson, and yes, for Cristy Lee have boosted readership. Of course, the boost will fade after today’s finale.

I am heartened by the fact that the powers that be at Motor Trend have not messed with the winning formula of the Mecum telecasts. The presentation remains conversational, humorous, but also respectful of the cars and the auction. I was also very glad to see Dana Mecum back in the house. Although he did not walk the block while I was watching, he seemed actively involved.

My wonderful wife and I plan to attend the Mecum auction in Glendale, Arizona in March. It will be nice to be able to attend these auctions without paying for airfare or hotels and to be able to go home to a comfortable and familiar place every night.


While my wonderful wife has recovered well from major surgery in early December, she is still not quite 100%. She slept in today while I attended a local car event. Without further ado, some photos:



I thought the Ferrari shown above was particularly sharp.



Now, a couple of photos of my favorite car at the event:



Obviously, I am not an objective observer, but my Z06 is not out of place here or at any other similar gathering. Hope you enjoyed the photos.






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3 thoughts on “More Car Pics For A Saturday

  1. Thanks again for the car show pics. Yes I have enjoyed the Mecum coverage this week. Especially the Gary Thomas collection with all the red Fords on Friday’s broadcast.


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