Yesterday started with my having a bad fall on the driveway…and got much worse from there. One reason for the horrible day is that we still have not received the final and most important result from my wonderful wife’s surgery.

A no doubt futile plea to the universe: ENOUGH! We need some kind of cosmic front to blow the cloud of sh*t away.


With that off my chest…a picture that will, hopefully, be a calming influence:



I have shown the fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona before. I think this is the best shot I’ve published, though, as it shows the lake and a hint of the surrounding mountains.

As I have recounted before, we almost made an offer on a house in Fountain Hills. My wonderful wife got cold feet, though, thinking it would be too far from “civilization.” Happy Wife, Happy Life…

I do think the probability we end up living there is not zero, though. We may reach a point where we “have” to move to a one-story house and if we do I think Fountain Hills would be a place we would look. An annual Concours d’Elegance is held there, by the way.


If you’re not reading then you can’t answer this, but where have all the readers gone? Please don’t tell me it’s a holiday thing because December of last year easily had the most views and visitors of any month in the nearly four years I have been writing Disaffected Musings. By the way, did you know that–as best as anyone can estimate–the average blog lasts for just 100 days?


The hashtag #somanycarsjustonelife has never caught on. It is an appropriate description of my feelings, though. I am still pleasantly surprised at how many interesting cars I see here on a daily basis, cars like this, for example:



This picture (from The American Auto by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide®) is a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado. While driving somewhere yesterday with my wonderful wife we saw a 1967 or 1968 Eldo. We couldn’t quite tell the year as both cars were moving at 50+ MPH.

Although the car was “dropped” from my Ultimate Garage (appearing in 2.0 but not in 3.0) I am still a big fan of these Eldorados. As I plot to come up with a way to add a car to our possession, I am thinking it should be a member of an Ultimate Garage. Maybe our potential future home (in Fountain Hills?) could have parking, either in a garage or not, for four or five cars. If you don’t have dreams, you have nightmares. All too often, the nightmares happen while you’re awake.






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10 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. I’m still here, though I have no interest in cars or Arizona. I do, however, enjoy your musings on life.


  2. Sorry to read about your fall. Take care and heal quickly!
    I’ve been to Fountain Hills a few times, usually on Superbowl Sunday when a retired colleague held a large Superbowl party. He’s gone now, and so are the great times meeting old friends and colleagues at the party.
    Always loved the Eldorado. Still looking for an ATS, but not too hard right now. Probably when we go back north, I’ll start looking harder.


      1. I think you’re right about that. We are thinking of the ATS as a car for my wife rather than our “family” car. That car is one we take the most often, and travel the farthest.
        I hadn’t thought about looking for a CT-6, but that might be just the ticket to replace our Avalon when I am ready to move on.
        Thanks for the tip.


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