Monday Musings 85

This is the 300th post of 2021. In the first three calendar years (2018-2020) I wrote an average of about 325 posts per year. I will probably fall just a bit short of that as, for example, I won’t be posting on Friday and Saturday. As conditions warrant I may eschew posting on other days as well. My wonderful wife’s needs and well-being are infinitely more important than blogging.

Speaking of blog stats…blog views (basically) doubled from 2018 to 2019 and then (basically) doubled from 2019 to 2020. While I did not expect another doubling in 2021 I am disappointed that the number of views for 2021 will probably be only about 10 percent higher than for 2020 with all of the increase, and then some, being accounted for by the first quarter of this year. The blog will have fewer views and visitors from April 1 through the end of the year than for the same period last year.

Other than creating a presence on the criminal organization I call Fack Fucebook I don’t really have any options for driving more traffic to the blog. Twitter has, once again, been a failure although–to be fair–I follow fewer than 100 feeds. That small number means I have only about three dozen followers. Even if half of them read the blog almost every day, that would not materially impact readership. (Want some cheese with your whine, sir?)

I remain very proud of Disaffected Musings and think it ranks among the very best-written blogs anywhere. Thanks for reading.


Blind adherence to any ideology is the refuge of lazy minds.


I was originally going to write about the original Fiat 500 today, inspired both by the realization that I like small cars and by the car’s inclusion in an episode of a TV favorite of mine, Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars. When push came to shove, though, I just didn’t have enough inspiration.

I appreciate the significance of the car. Most cars that are produced for almost 20 years are significant. Still, something is missing from the Fiat 500, for me. Maybe you disagree and if you do please let me know.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings 85

  1. I find Twitter not useful in driving people to my blog, even though I post all of my blog posts there, and also follow up with daily “themed photos” designed to attract. I have about 400 followers there, and that number hasn’t changed significantly literally in years.


    1. I think Twitter, like the rest of “social media,” has so significantly reduced the attention span of people that they can’t even think to click on a link embedded in a tweet. I used to tweet the link to the day’s post every day, but now I only do it once in awhile. Sometimes I just post the main link to the blog.

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