Pales By Comparison

Without revealing details my wonderful wife received some less than pleasant health news yesterday. Everything else pales by comparison. Please keep her in your thoughts.


This piece from Hemmings about automotive styling look-alikes may be of interest to many of you. The piece opens:


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

There are very few automotive shapes and details that are genuinely new and have never been seen before, largely because of how vehicles have had to be packaged around their mechanical components, occupants, and required attendant cargo space. And when an automaker does come up with a fresh design that grabs attention, it’s almost inevitable that another will adopt it in some form.”


Frankly, I think some of the comparisons are a bit of a stretch, like this one:


Post Image


To me, the high beltline, narrow track Volvo does not resemble the Chrysler C-300 except, perhaps, for the twin grilles on the front.


I am too distracted to keep writing today.






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12 thoughts on “Pales By Comparison

  1. Sorry to hear about your wife. Wishing her our best thoughts and prayers.

    These days, cars are all imitations of each other, languishing in their sameness. With very few high-end exceptions, one is just a copy of another.


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