11 = 2 + 9

Today’s date, November 29, can–of course–be written as 11/29. A manifestation of my math inclination/OCD combination is that a date like today’s “makes me happy” because the month equals the sum of the day’s digits. That’s just how my brain works, or doesn’t.


My sweet sister and (i)ncomparable niece left today after a week’s visit. That week went quite quickly. Welcome to life over 60.

We were very glad to spend the time with them and to be able to “celebrate ” Thanksgiving although much angst remains in the family. The less said about that, the better.


Cars A To Z will continue with a post this week, the “H” car. I am not sure, however, what day it will be written. The posts are not being written as frequently as I had hoped.

The mad dash to EVs is leaving me with much less material for the blog. I remain convinced that the EV zealots, like all zealots, are dealing in unreality, if that’s a word. As some Formula One drivers and team leaders think synthetic fuels will be the real future of F1, I hope that will be true for the automobile industry as well. That could create quite the market opportunity for a brave and well-heeled entrepreneur. In the meantime, I am still hoping for an in-person look at one of these cars, although it’s now likely that won’t happen until the new year.


See the source image


This is the Maserati MC20. You see, a mid-engine car does not have to have an ungainly rear perspective.

The MC20 will be powered by a Maserati designed and built twin-turbo V6 of 3 liters displacement producing 621 HP/538 LB-FT of torque. The reason this car wasn’t a part of Ultimate Garage 3.0 is that it does not yet exist in that none have been delivered to customers. I think it’s an amazing design.

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  1. I was reading an article yesterday about how the U.S. dealership add-ons are hurting the sales of the Mustang EV. Even a Ford executive recommended a potential customer buy a Tesla instead of dealing with sticker add-ons by dealers.


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