From the Goodguys website:


“Goodguys Rod & Custom Association is the world’s largest hot rodding association with over 70,000 active members worldwide. Goodguys events feature thousands of candy colored hot rods and customs, tricked out trucks, mighty muscle cars and regal classics sprawled throughout venues such as lush fairgrounds, super speedways and large outdoor stadiums.”


They hold two events a year in Scottsdale, including the one that is in its last of three days as I write this. My wonderful wife and I attended yesterday. Despite some issues that I think were caused by a funnel cake, we enjoyed the day. Here are some photos:



If you watch Bitchin’ Rides on Motor Trend you might recognize this car. It is the Buick Invicta called Blue Suede Shoes. It is going to be sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in January, which will–of course–be held at the same venue, WestWorld, as the Goodguys event. We were told it is “a long story” as to why the car is being sold.



In case you can’t tell, the 421 badge is the one on the front fender behind the wheel. Hopefully, you can also see this car has the famous Pontiac 8-lug wheels.



This is a beautiful car in a great color, but it reminded me of why modern cars are just so much better to own and to drive as it had a bad case of run-on after the driver turned off the ignition. He looked embarrassed and said, “That’s what I get for only driving the car every two or three years.”



The photo immediately above is of the hand-built hot rod owned and built by our friend, Joe. He attends both Goodguys events in Scottsdale every year and brings his car.



This is a 1968 Buick Riviera, but one that has a modern Cadillac supercharged V-spec engine. If it’s the LSA, then this car has about 550 HP and 550 LB-FT of torque. Although I will always think the first-gen Riviera is the best looking, the second-gen Rivs aren’t ugly, at all.



Hope you enjoyed the photos.





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7 thoughts on “Goodguys

    1. Thanks, DDM. It is a good show, but as I have remarked I still would like a little more variety. I did see a Triumph Stag yesterday, one of my idiosyncratic favorites, but the sun angle “ruined” all of my pics of the car.


  1. I have attended the event on a couple of different occasions. My friend Steve Szymanski had entered his modified F-100 with its green and silver panel paint job, Dodge Dakota IFS and the Chevy Big Block with twin turbo-chargers and fuel injection. It was his former shop which installed the Dodge Dakota IFS in my truck project. One of the first years I attended, one of the spectators, with his family, was Randy Johnson the HOF pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, a big event at a big venue.


  2. Nice shots! Of course, you have a number of my top hits there in the Grand Prix, Starfire, Riv and even that Rebel Machine. At the risk of being greedy, I hope you’ll post more car shots as my car show days won’t return for probably 6 months.


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